Top 10 Surefire Ways To Become A Tech Geek

6:45 am 9 Aug, 2013

The time when geeks were considered awkward, strange and unsocial is over. This is the age of the geek and the nerd. Wherever you go, computers are used and everybody is learning at least a little bit about them. Geeks are now valued because whenever something goes wrong, people look to the geeks among their friends to help them. Those who don’t really understand computer technology can have a hard time even with small problems. That’s when geeks come in for the rescue. If you want to be a tech geek then look no further. Here are the top 10 surefire ways to become a tech geek.

10. Familiarize Yourself With A Computer’s Hardware:

The most important thing is to understand how a computer works. You should not only be familiar with how all the parts of a CPU work but you should be able to tell them apart just by looking at them. You should also learn about assembling a computer and be able to perform minor repairs and change parts on your own. It’s not something too difficult and there are many sites and forums on the internet that can help you.

Familiarize Yourself With A Computer's Hardware

9. Learn About The Operating System:

Hardware is just one part of the computer. The other part that makes it work is the operating system. Whether you are a Windows man or a Mac guy, you should know all about it. This means knowing the minutest details that most people never find out in their life. Also keep a good knowledge of other OS that you don’t use and be ready to defend your favorite OS at all times.

Learn About The Operating System

8. Learn To Type Without Looking At The Keyboard:

This is a skill that can be learned easily with a little practice. There are software that can help you with it. Once you learn typing, it will put you head and shoulders above those who use the index fingers of both hands to type and waste a lot of time in typing. You have to be able to type fast and know all keyboard shortcuts to save time and impress others.

Learn To Type Without Looking At The Keyboard

7. Learn To Use The Command Prompt:

Learn to use the command line of the computer as it lets you interact directly with the computer without going through the OS. While the OS is designed to be more user friendly, a real tech geek prefers utility over ease of use. You can do a lot more through the command prompt and it is absolutely essential if you are working on a Linux based OS such as Ubuntu.

Learn To Use The Command Prompt

6. Learn At Least One Programming Language:

While operating software are easy to master a true tech geek is also a programmer. You must learn at least one programming language. It can’t be something simple like BASIC or HTML and CSS either. There are plethora of websites where you can learn programming online. You have to learn C++, Python, Java etc. Learning more than one language will add to your expertise but at least learn one language.

Learn At Least One Programming Language

5. Install A Linux Based OS On Your Computer:

A geek doesn’t have just one OS on their computers. They usually also have an open source OS such as Ubuntu or Mandriva etc. Linux is said to be the OS for geeks as it gives much more control to the user even though it is harder to use. You should also get interested in the whole open source and freeware industry.

Install A Linux Based OS On Your Computer

4. Stay In Touch With The Latest Gadgets:

Apart from computers, geeks are also interested all other gadgets such as phones, tablets, gaming consoles, handheld gaming consoles, cameras, TV etc. Learn about the latest gadgets and try to stay on top of new innovations and products that are coming out. Also know the pros and cons of every product and have a strong opinion about each one.

Stay In Touch With The Latest Gadgets

3. Follow Tech Sites And Blogs:

The best way to keep up with all the latest news from the tech world is to follow sites and blogs that share such content. Being part of such sites also makes you a member of the global geek community and you know what’s going on in the other parts of the world in terms of technology.

Follow Tech Sites And Blogs

2. Keep Your Computer Upgraded:

The specs of your computer should be a matter of honor for you if you want to become a geek. Make sure you are always using the best hardware and all your software is updated. Manually update all drivers frequently and keep your antivirus updated. Have more RAM than you can use and loads of storage capacity. Have the best graphics cards and special cooling pads for the long gaming sessions.

Keep Your Computer Upgraded

1. Help Others With Their Computer Problems:

There is no point in being a geek if you are not going to help others. By being of value to others you increase your own value in society and that is the whole point of becoming a geek. So always help others with whatever problems they have with their computers. Be the first guy your friends call up whenever their computer hangs.

Help Others With Their Computer Problems

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