10 Amazing Camping Sites In India Where You Can Have An Exciting Vacation This Summer

Updated on 16 May, 2018 at 5:05 pm


Summer time gets hot and humid almost all over India. It is also the time for the kids’ summer vacations which makes it the best time to take a break and head for a vacation to a hill station. While regular vacations are fun and enjoyable, camping has become the latest trend among tourists looking to have an exciting vacation while also beating the summer heat. There are many places in India where tour operators offer camping facilities. These are best suited for people who want to get away not just from the heat but from the mad rush of city life and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature for a while. So for your pleasure, here we go with a list of eminent summer camps in India.

1. Kolli Hill Resort

Kolli hills are situated right in the middle of Tamil Nadu. The Wild Orchid Camp situated at the Kolli Hill Resort is a great place to unwind for nature lovers. The accommodation is available in eco-friendly Swiss tents surrounded by evergreen forests. Coffee, spices, and rice are grown around the resort that fills it with intriguing aromas. It’s just 320 km from Chennai and a good place to visit during a weekend in the summer. There are many other attractions to explore nearby as well.


Kolli Hill Resort


2. Jungle Park, Kerala

Jungle Park, a part of Green Magic Resorts are set in the Cardamom Hills in Kerala. The camp is inside a forested area and the accommodation is available on tree houses or villas. You can hike in the forest and surrounding hills or visit nearby horticulture farms. There is also an indoor recreation room for rainy days.


Jungle Park, Kerala


3. Sangla Valley Camping

Sangla Valley is a very picturesque valley hidden in the Himalayas. It is a great place to go camping during the summers and adventure tourists from all over the world come here every year. Kaza is a nearby adventure sports hub. Camping tours can be planned with tour operators or on your own. It is a great place to get away from the pollution of city life and get close to nature.


Sangla Valley Camping


4. Banjara Camps, Spiti

Banjara Camps are located in Spiti valley in the adventure hub of Kaza. Banjara Camps and Retreats offers good camping facilities here and at other locations in Sojha, Sangla, and Thanedar. The Spiti camp is situated at a height of 3600 meters which makes it a great treat for those looking to beat the heat of the plains and also have some adventure. Hikes and treks can be arranged and local sightseeing opportunities are also available.


5. Camp Exotica, Kullu

Camp Exotica is located in Kullu near Manali in Himachal Pradesh. The lodge is a great place to set up camp on a visit to this area. The accommodation is in tents that provide an incredible view all around, being right in the center of the valley. The food available is of good quality and the overall hospitality of the camp makes sure your visit is pleasurable.


Camp Exotica, Kullu


6. Tsomoriri Camp, Ladakh


Tsomoriri camp is situated at Tsomoriri lake, 240 km from Leh. The camp is situated at a height of 4595 meters and is open from April to October. This is a great destination for camping in the Ladakh region. Accommodation is in tents and villas. Hikes and treks can be taken in the surrounding area.


Tsomoriri Camp, Ladakh


7. Nature Trail Resorts

Nature Trail Resorts is a company that offers camping in locations in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Rajasthan. The resorts are all located in splendid locations in the midst of nature and offer a great place to get some peace. All kinds of activities such as hiking, adventure sports, camping, barbecue etc. can be organized on your visit.


Nature Trail Resorts


8. Mahaseer Fishing Camps, Kumaon

The Mahseer Fishing Camps are located inside Jim Corbett National Park in Kumaon Hills in Uttarakhand, just 280 km from Delhi. It is a great place to have a small fishing trip with the family. Other than angling, hiking, jungle safaris, adventure activities are also available to those who are interested.


Nature Trail Resorts


9. Rishikesh Valley Camp

For those looking to not just get close to nature but also get in touch with their spiritual sides, Rishikesh Valley Camps provide a great opportunity. The accommodation is in hermit style huts and the restaurant offers complete organic food. It is a great place to come for a detoxification process.


Rishikesh Valley Camp


10. Camp Room On The Roof

Camp Room is situated just 25 km from Chakrata, a town near Dehradun. The tents are located on top of step farms and the view is incredible. You can set up base here and pursue activities such as mountain biking, rafting, rappelling, and mountaineering. This one is for the adventure enthusiasts.


Camp Room On The Roof