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Top 10 Success Mantras for Aspiring Tennis Players

Updated on 17 August, 2019 at 11:37 am By

Tennis is a game that requires unparallel skills, consummate stamina and a tough mind. Not all are blessed with these three attributes, but one can learn from the mentors how to propel their career forward by using the right tactics. Appropriate coaching tips act as necessary weapons and tools for an aspirant that can assist him in winning matches and turning his game in to enhanced professional mould. Here are top 10 tips for aspiring tennis players those who dream to stand in the queue of Sharapova or Federer.

10. Analyze:

What sets apart a great player from the rest? Any answers. It is the power to analyze that puts them comfortably in the next league from the counterparts. The ones who can’t analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent within first few shots in the match should not ever aspire to be a champion in life. Therefore, an aspirant should learn to analyze the game of the person against who he is pitted from his first few shots in the court.


9. Play as many matches as possible:


There is nothing like a match practice that could seriously fine tune a player in the longer run. The stresses and challenges that a person would face in the court under the scorching heat of the sun would find no comparison in the air–conditioned practice halls. Unless you take the challenge face on to the opponent you would be unable to judge your strengths and weaknesses in real terms. Therefore, be sure that you get enough match practice on a regular basis. An aspirant should definitely join a league or a club if possible.

Play as many matches as possible

8. Best equipments:

Young tennis players should make it certain that they possess the most modern tennis equipments in order to keep in touch with the changing trends in the game. One should not grow into a tennis player with a practice on outdated and ill- equipped tennis equipments, be it even tennis shoes. It not only hampers your game, but handicaps your performance in comparison to players that use equipment, which is designed for smart play.

Best equipments

7. Don’t be too hard on the ball:

Most of the aspirants these days are in a habit of going too hard on the ball. This only leads to loss in control especially when you are going for first serve return. However, it is justified to be “bang bang” in the second serve where the power of the player is tested to his core. Therefore, make it a point to be gentle at first so you don’t lose your momentum totally. A kind of chip and charge combination could be tried.

Don’t be too hard on the ball

6. Learn from the defeat:

It is always recommended to learn from defeat. Instead of sobbing over the lost match you should try to analyze the reason behind your defeat in straight sets. Majority of the aspirants either lose their cool or get too discouraged to start anew. You should try to focus on your weaknesses, which may include sluggish footwork or delayed returns. Remember, even the most popular tennis players have suffered defeat, but only to fight their way out.

Learn from the defeat

5. Markers:

One of the most important technical details that a budding tennis player should take care of entirely is markers. Majority of new comers fail to identify the markers drawn on the sides of court. It leads to defaults and loss in sets. Therefore, while playing make it a point to place cones on the markers so you get into the habit of respecting boundaries while playing a real match.


4. Aggression:

Aggression but in controlled form is a quality that every aspirant should rear up within themselves. As famously said “aggression is the best form of defense” therefore novice players should be charged up to hit the ball back with an aggression of a lion. The speed of the serve determines the power of a player. Try to enhance your serving speed as it is surely a way to dominate your opponent similar to what Mark Philippoussis does.


3. Body is the key:


A strong body is the foremost way to ensure a sound and flourishing career. Those who lose out on this factor in the growing days repent later. Tennis is a game of stamina that could only be played by people who are rich in muscular strength. Therefore, make it a point to hit the gym every day so that the body gets into shape before the real test begins.

Body is the key

2.  Fun is the ultimate funda:

The game is supposed to test every bit of your potency, therefore, a person who doesn’t evolve ways to make it more interesting as per his own requirements may lose out in the long run. Even some of the great tennis players such as Bjorn Borg, Pete Samprass, Roger Federer and others made it a point during their playing days to make the training sessions more enjoyable for them and others. It helps in developing new ideas that would further help you in solving the hardest of the puzzles in no time.

Fun is the ultimate funda

1. Practice, Practice, Practice:


As famously said “practice makes man perfect” —- therefore there is nothing superior to spending as much time learning the technicalities and tricks of the game from the mentors. However, it should also be paid a worthy due that not mere practice, but perfect practice makes man perfect. One should know what his dreams are and where he needs to improve upon.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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