Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

9:00 am 20 Apr, 2013

As a species, we human-beings are certainly ahead of our counterparts in terms of intellect. But at times we give in to beliefs which can only be termed primitive. It could be something as brazen as religious prejudices which is also the biggest problem faced by the world today. Or, it could be something inconsequential. But the fact of the matter is we as individuals knowingly or unknowingly believe in things that don’t really conform to the definition of being wise. So, let us find out some of the senseless concepts of mankind.

10. Touchwood!:

Think about how many times you say touchwood to prevent something good from being jinxed. But what sense does that make? In some part of the world this belief came into being from the practice of worshiping trees to ward off any misfortune. While the origins differ; the belief remains. As harsh as it may sound, this is one of those notions that don’t stand in a world of reason and logic.

Touchwood - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

9. Animal Sacrifice:

There are religious practices which involve sacrificing animals. Ritual Killing to maintain favor with a divine agency is something that defies reason. It is a practice which doesn’t make sense atleast in this age where reason is supposed to drive every act. This is not particular to any one region or religion. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have this practice in some form or the other.

Animal Sacrifice - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

8. Itchy Palms vs Money:

This is a superstition that is actually very common around the world. People believe that itchy palms might lead to loss or gain of money depending on the palm that is itching! Barring some lucky coincidences, this is a belief that certainly eludes reason. Have you earned any money through itchy palms? If this were true wouldn’t the world just try to get the right palm to itch!

Itchy Palms vs Money - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

7. Running water is safe for drinking:

People say that running water is safe for drinking; that is better than stagnant water. While it is true that on a comparative scale running water is safer than water that is stagnant but it is certainly not safe for drinking. Human body needs pure water for survival and running water without treatment definitely doesn’t fit the bill for all we know there could be a dead animal floating somewhere in that very running water!

Running water is safe for drinking - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

6. About Lightning:

Lightning never strikes the same place twice is something that you would have heard growing up. Infact, a huge majority of people seem to believe in that. But is that really true? It is silly to assume something like this but since this belief has been commonly passed down since generations it is hard to counter. There is no evidence to corroborate this about lightning. Infact, on the contrary it does strike in some places twice. You wouldn’t want to be caught in the wrong foot believing in what is not true, would you?

About Lightning - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

5. New Year Day:

The entire world celebrates New Year with fervor and excitement. New clothes, festivities, good food and gifts are the way we begin every New Year. The general belief is that the New Year day is the reflection of the rest of the year. So if it goes well, then it can be assumed that the entire ensuing year would go well too. But that doesn’t really happen and is infact a mistake to think that way!

New Year Day - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

4. Black Cats are Bad Luck:

What do you do when you see a black cat or when it crosses your path? There was a time when it was believed that witches have the power to transform themselves into these feline creatures and they resembled bad luck. Sadly, this preposterous mankind has evolved and people believe that seeing a black cat or crossing its path or vice-versa leads is ominous. But shouldn’t you know better to not believe in it? Strangely again this belief too seems to be universal.

Black Cats are Bad Luck - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

3. Friday the 13th:

Movies have been made on this subject and anything bad that happens on this date and day combination is attributed to it being an ill-omened combination. Though it is a western superstition, it had also found haven in the rest of the world. Well, it is another unfounded concept of the human mind.

Friday the 13th - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind'

2. Gender Divide:

Gender Equality seems to be a virtually impossible status to achieve due to the perennial bias that runs through human veins. This is true to every culture in every corner of the world. Whether it is in some remote village in Afghanistan or offices in Wall Street, women are always looked down open or skeptically; due to the hard coded psyche of humans believing women to be weak and ineffective! Sad to say this perception has to be fought of each day by women all around however trivial the setting might be.

Gender Divide - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

1. Santa Claus:

Does Santa Claus really exist? Well the answer is most certainly in the negative. But throughout the world the belief is that an old man with beard brings gifts to the homes of children on the night before Christmas preferably thorough the chimney. But it is just a myth. Santa Claus is a figure which was derived from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, which, in turn, was derived from the hagiographical tales concerning the Christian bishop and gift giver Saint Nicholas.

Santa Claus - Top 10 Stupidest Concepts of Mankind

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