10 Stupid Government Laws From Around The World

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Updated on 7 Apr, 2018 at 7:41 pm

Every so often, you’ll hear a story about a hapless traveler getting caught by the police in some far-flung place, committing some crime they didn’t even know was a crime because it’s certainly not a crime back home, etc. It stands to reason that some places around the world have some pretty odd laws. Enjoy the weirdness in this list.

1. In Scotland, if someone knocks on your door and requires the use of your toilet, you must let them enter.

Ewww…just get out and piss on a tree or something. No one gets in our house, we couldn’t give a toss about that law, our house, our rules. In fact, I would love to see an officer try to enforce that law after a stranger was denied “access” to another person’s toilet.


2. In Florida, an unmarried woman may not go skydiving on Sunday.

The law is not being sexist against just single female citizens of Florida. Unfortunately, the origins of the law are unknown as with most strange laws, but it most likely is not from stocky white gentlemen making up laws to prohibit women from doing the funniest possible thing on a Sunday afternoon.



3. In Switzerland, it is against the law to flush a toilet after 10:00 PM.

But we think that it should be legal! You can flush it anytime you want! You can get in worse trouble if you don’t flush it and the neighbors smell your poo…


4. In Greece, all games that are considered ‘electronic’ are illegal.

The Greek government has banned all electronic games across the country, including those that run on home computers, on GameBoy-style portable consoles, and on mobile phones. Thousands of tourists in Greece are unknowingly facing heavy fines or long terms in prison for owning mobile phones or portable video games.



5. In Kentucky, people are prohibited from withholding firearms if they are longer than 6 feet.

Why do they need to have firearms if they can knock their victim down with just one kick or punch!



6. In England, it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.

The dead member of parliament has the whip withdrawn immediately and forfeit all parliamentary privileges. And if he has the audacity to die a second time within a twelve-month period, he gets put in the Tower of London until he apologizes and promises to stop dying, and then he is retired on a full pension and raised to the House of Lords.



7. In Thailand, you can’t leave your house if you are not wearing underwear.

Every mother who has ever admonished her child to not leave the house without clean underwear will at least be partially pleased by this law. If only there were some stipulation about the cleanliness of said underwear here, every mother would send her children to Thailand to have the rule ingrained in their heads.


8. In Samoa, it is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday.

And here’s one you’ll really like: In Samoa, it’s illegal for a man to forget his wife’s birthday. “Yes, honey, I’ve done it. Yes, it’s now illegal. Yes, I know if I forget again you’ll have me arrested. I’m really, really sorry. Can I stop sleeping on the couch now?”


9. In France, it is illegal to kiss someone on French railways.

If you thought that France was the country of romance, then you haven’t read the French legal code. We wonder what would have happened to Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay while shooting the famous train scene in Risky Business.



1. In Indonesia, masturbation is strictly forbidden. Anyone who breaks the law and gets caught risks getting beheaded.

All single men traveling to this Asian paradise should pay real close attention to this one. If you can’t find any female companionship, just control yourself, don’t lose your head.



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