Top 10 Stupid Decorations That Can Destroy Your Party

8:00 am 6 Apr, 2013

Who doesn’t love a good party? Anything from a small get-together to a wedding celebration, every party does need careful planning and decorations. From balloons to lighting; music to seating arrangement everything comes under the big umbrella of setting up a great party. Let’s find out what could be the wrong way of decorating for a party.

10. Low lighting:

While low lighting is a great idea for a dinner for two; it just doesn’t do the trick when it comes to a party. The lighting needs to be bright and inviting. You don’t want to have your guests unknowingly stamping on each other’s feet for lack of lighting. Or, you would also not want your guests’ attires to be ruined due to a red wine spill when they trip suddenly due to insufficient lights. So the way to go for a party is with lots of lights!

Low lighting

9. Regular crockery for serving:

The crockery that you use to serve food to your guests is also an integral part of your party decoration. Picture this; you have a great setting with all the right decorations but the plates you use to serve food to your guests ruin your hard work. So take out your special and carefully packed China and place it on the dinner table. Guests truly love being served on beautiful plates, platters, and bowls.

Regular crockery for serving

8. Crowding the room with Balloons:

While balloons are one of those things that fit into every kind of party whether New Year’s, Christmas, Birthday or Dinner. But you should keep in mind that overdoing it is certainly not a good idea. Do don’t fill up every corner of the room where the party is being held with balloons. If anything it would seem suffocating to guests in the least.

Crowding the room with Balloons

7. Unclean venue:

All your decorations could go for a toss if the venue where the party is being held is not clean. So prior to starting with any other decorations make sure the party hall or your house is clean. A dirty place is a mood spoiler no matter the extent of decorations you go about doing. So spend some extra time on vacuuming and dusting for that would be the base of your party decorations.

Unclean venue

6. Overdoing the flowers:

It’s good to use flowers as centerpieces of your dining table for dinner parties. But you also need to keep in mind to not make it too huge. You wouldn’t want your guests to not be able to see each other across the table. More so, you would also not want the table to be over cramped. So the cue is to keep it minimal.

Overdoing the flowers

5. Overdose of streamers:

Though streamers are one of those things that instantly figures in any party decoration list; it is better to avoid using too much of it. Streamers which could have been the best way to decorate hostel rooms in college going years don’t fit in to every kind of party. So it’s better to use it sparingly. Birthdays of children could be one place where streamers blend in the scene but people outgrow it after a certain point if time. Hence, avoid it for parties which are not meant for children.

Overdose of streamers

4. Choosing a difficult theme:

Often parties are planned based on themes. The decorations too are done according to the theme selected. A 70s theme requires theme based decoration but also entails yourself and your guests to be dressed in a certain way. But the point here is for you to remember to keep it subtle and not stretch it beyond a certain extent. If you choose a theme which is too difficult for your guests to find ensembles off then your decoration and guests would both look out of place.

Choosing a difficult theme

3. Extremely loud music:

Music is also very essential to party planning. It might not be the typical decoration but it certainly complements the mood and the setting. Excessively loud music is a strict NO-NO. A party is for people to mingle, talk and have fun. Yes music and dancing are a part of all that. But you would need to ensure that your guests are able to hear each other which is not possible with deafening music.

Extremely loud music

2. Cramped with furniture:

There should be ample space during a party for guests to move about. If the space is crowded or camped with chairs and tables, people tend to get confined. Remember a good party is one where your guests get the chance to mingle and move around freely. That certainly won’t be possible if the space is not managed properly. So while decorating it is better to ensure that the space factor is given due attention to.

Cramped with furniture

1. No game corner for kids:

Children often accompany their parents to parties where due to lack of things to do they end up getting bored resulting in discomfort to their parents too. So when you need to plan a party where your guests have children too, it is always better to designate a corner for activities the kids could indulge in. Some games and toys could ensure that they remain occupied throughout. Absence of game corners for kids might actually ruin the party for them and their parents and for everyone in the long run.

No game corner for kids

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