Top 10 strangest foods

Updated on 12 May, 2012 at 11:59 am


The variety that is found in food all over the world is extraordinary in every sense. The immense variety that exists not only provides for a very interesting eating for travelers but sometimes it can also be quite the adventure. For the food loving person, there is really no end to what they can try as cuisine from different parts of the world. It is understood well that some people like to eat things that other people would simply detest. There are strange foods that make the process of eating not just a tricky one but also one that needs a fair amount of courage. The top ten strangest foods found are listed below:

10. Haggis:

This is a Scottish delicacy that is prepared in a very unique way. The heart, liver and lungs of a sheep are used with onions, spices and stock to make this dish. The unique part of it is that it is boiled in a sheep’s stomach for an extended period of time. This food has a peculiar nutty texture and is known to be very beneficial to people in many ways. It is available around the world in different versions; however the Scottish version is the one you should go for.
9. Bugs:
A menu of bugs is easily found on the streets of many south East Asian nations and even in many parts of Africa. Assorted, fried and given different flavors, people eat crickets, roaches, spiders, scorpions and even worms. Made popular on TV shows by many reality shows, the practice of eating bugs is a very old one and a rather interesting on at that.
8. Snake Wine:
Wine is a part of any menu, but would you have this wine on your menu? Rice wine with a poisonous snake floating dead in it for a few months is a popular medicinal variety of wine that is made especially in Vietnam and surrounding countries. This wine is not dangerous to the human body as ethanol neutralizes the venom of the snake in it.
7. Stuffed Camel:
A full camel is stuffed with a lamb, the lamb is stuffed with chickens and the chickens are stuffed with eggs and rice to make what is arguably the largest dish on any menu in the world. This Bedouin dish is rarely served on major festive events or celebrations now days as the preparation of is extremely tedious in most senses.
6. Rocky Mountain Oysters:
Rocky Mountain Oysters are not oysters, they are known so mostly because of the shape that they take. The Rocky Mountain Oysters are in fact testicles of a buffalo or a bull fried in oil with a coating of oil. The delicacy is served in North America in the prairie regions as there are plenty of bulls to use.
5. Hakarl:
Fermented fish is consumed in different ways all around the world and is known to be unpleasant in odor. However nothing can quite compare to Hakarl, it’s the fermented block of a gutted shark or some other larger fish. The Icelandic delicacy is well known to have brought down many an eater with the rather strong smell of ammonia.

4. Casu Marzu:

Cheese is also well known to be very difficult to eat because of some of its peculiar qualities at times. This Italian cheese found only in the city of Sardinia is one such cheese which has live larvae added to it to increase the rate at which fermentation happens. Be careful when you try to eat this one, the occasional white, translucent larvae may just jump at you.

3. Puffin Heart:
The sea parrot which is also known as puffin is a unique bird. It feeds the popular sport of sky fishing in Iceland where the tradition is to break the neck of the catch and then rip its heart out so you can eat it raw. The cooked meat is a stronger version of chicken but the heart still beating, would you eat it?
2. Fugu:
A lethal toxin inhibits the body of this fish which is eaten raw in Japan. It needs to be prepared under expert supervision as even a touch of the toxin can mean instant death for a person. Otherwise a bland tasting fish this is a dare that every serious foodie has thought about doing at least once in their lifetime.
1. Balut:
The fetus of a duck or a chicken boiled alive in its shell is in fact a popular dish in South Asia and served commonly even by street vendors. The taste would be similar to a combination of the chicken or duck and boiled eggs. Be careful as you taken this one on as there’s bound to be feathers and all in some of the shells you crack.

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