10 Most Significant Spiritual Questions And Their Answers

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5:56 pm 22 Oct, 2010

Say it science or say it philosophy but spiritualism is a tunnel consisting some of the deep concepts of our existence. It is the behavior of human mind to find out the right answer to each and every spiritualistic terminology. We are here to explore the ten most significant spiritualistic questions with their appropriate answers.

1. What is the objective of life?

In short, the aim of life is death. If you want to know something about life, you should first know what death is. The aim of life is to know and understand yourself. “What are you? Who are you? Why have you come here and what are your duties?” To know yourself means, to know God if you believe in God. If you don’t believe in God and believe in yourself, i.e. in your own power, in your own energy, then life means that you must know yourself. If you do not know yourself, you are dead.



2. Is it possible that nothing external will happen and just the people will improve in such a way that all the existing things will start to appear nice?

It is well known that goods and evils are in every living being. Nobody is totally good or totally bad. It is a matter of degree. Even an evil person does more good than bad on the average. Everyone likes to curse an evil person. Nobody wants to sit and converse with him. And that is exactly what is required for social improvement. If we change ourselves in such a way that we can sit together with those whom we call bad, the problem will be solved. It is true that the person who does bad understands it very well. He may be doing it only due to the circumstances. So, the need is to sit together with him and try to understand him. This will make him confess and that, in turn, will bring humility in him. And humility is the key step towards improvement. That is how the society can be improved. It would neither happen through long speeches, nor government can do it through tougher laws.



3. What is ‘soul’?

The so-called supreme power, the cosmic energy or you may say, God, is omnipresent. This cosmic energy enters every shape that is produced naturally and then it is called ‘soul’. In other words, the soul is the manifestation of the Almighty; it is not limited to the human being only, as you believe. It dwells inside every living being. When body ceases to exist, the soul departs and merges back into the same cosmic energy.



4. What is life?

Those who did spend the time to find the answers have demonstrated that life and body are two separate entities. They can control the life in their own ways. However, since body ages and becomes weaker and incapable, it can’t sustain life beyond a certain period of time. Therefore, the life must exit it. Those who have experienced this truth say, “Life is energy, it is the spirit. Forms are produced by the combination of the five cosmic elements (earth, water, air, heat, and ether). Energy enters the form after it is produced. Elements can produce form but they can’t provide it with the capacity to conduct itself. And the very capacity which enables the form to conduct itself is called divine power. Just the way electrical energy energizes a tool whether it is a cutting knife, a hot iron, a cooler fan, or a light bulb, the role of the life energy is to make the body function, it does not control the attributes of the body. The attributes come from the conditions in which the conception and birth take place, for instance, parent blood type, mental status, diet, habits, environment, etc.”


5. It is difficult to keep the mind in control. It remains quiet for a little while and then it starts to wander around again. What should one do?

It will improve gradually. Keep on practicing and after a while, whatever way you steer it, it will comply. The mind will become inactive and will start to obey you. It will lose its importance in life and then there will be no disturbance. You will notice then that there is a difference between mind and soul. This is a very peculiar issue. Soul, when it is absorbed in worldly affairs, becomes mind. And when it gets separated from these things, then it becomes soul again. But both are indeed one and the same thing, same energy. When mind’s domination over you is eliminated, the soul takes over and that is when you get enlightened. You will hear good things from your soul, you will do good things that will affect others. As a matter of fact, soul always tells you good things, but your life is so overwhelmed by worldly affairs that your mind never lets the soul rise up.


6. It is said: do the wise work and you will be blessed with the right fruits. However, the definition of the right fruit is different for different person. How can one understand wise work if he has no idea of what actually the right fruit means?

There is no documented record anywhere, in any religion, that describes good and bad works. Whatever the action does not create any internal conflict is a good work. And there is no reason to be concerned about the fruits. If your action does not create any doubts inside you, then you will have peace of mind. As far as fruit is concerned, you don’t know what is good for you in your life. You think of one thing but actually, something else is good for you. To find this out, you should make it a routine to take a moment when you can sit quietly and evaluate yourself. And gradually everything will become alright. You won’t have to think about what is good and what is bad. Your actions will automatically get centered around good behavior only. Your mind will slowly reach such a state that you won’t even think about wrong things. So, just think of yourself. Don’t worry about the society, country or the world. That is not your responsibility. And this is where the beginning is. You just improve yourself, you don’t even have to worry about your own family members; they will change automatically.



7. It is generally believed that soul never dies. However, many species have been becoming extinct and also the population of the earth has been going up at an alarming rate. How should one correlate these events?

The soul is an energy, it is power. It has neither shape nor boundaries. Just like electric current enters a bulb and lit it, the eternal power enters a shape whenever it is produced. It does not make the shape or form. Forms are produced by mixing the appropriate elements. Depending upon which element is in abundance, the forms are produced accordingly. For instance, if water element is abundance then water life is created and reproduction system evolves accordingly. Energy enters the shape only after it is formed. Elements (earth, water, heat, air, and ether) can form shape but they can not provide it with the capacity to conduct itself. And that very capacity which makes the shape to conduct is called God, Energy or power. Human beings were bestowed upon with intellectual power which they have used to protect themselves. Other living beings, which became extinct, did not have that capacity. So, when conditions became unfavorable, they disappeared. Man always tried a way to find a way to cope up with those conditions. And that is why the human population started to increase. They have the capacity to build and destroy. They can affect nature. That is why only human is said to have the soul. Animals are said to have a life but not a soul. But indeed, all these have the same energy. Since only humans have the capacity to protect themselves against natural calamities, their population has been increasing. But natural disasters do happen that are beyond man’s power to cope up with. That will reduce human population.


Meaning of life


8. What is death?

Death is a reveler, a guide, a torch-bearer. Death is a process of life, not the end of life. It is a habit of body and not of the soul. Death does not mean complete annihilation, it merely means a physical change. Death is a comma but not a full stop. It is capable of destroying the flowers but is unable to harm the seed. Death is a solemn experience, a change from which no one can escape. One who does not prepare for it is a fool. Death, in its true sense, liberates one from the real miseries of life. The moment you arrive in this world, you are immediately assigned a spot in the queue of departed. You keep on moving closer to that ultimate (death) every moment, yet it never occurs to you to pause for a moment and ask yourself: “What did I really come here for? And by the way, who am I?” This much awareness can totally transform your perspective on life. It can instigate you to find the realities of life. It can indeed change your life.



9. What is religion and how and when was it announced by man?

Religion is a product of man’s wisdom. It is a product of man, by man, and for man. It includes the surroundings, circumstances and time. Religion commands the individual, the society, the administration, the justice and all in this materialistic world. Religion was first obeyed as a mutual understanding. Gradually, it became the law of the people. Disobedience became a crime and resulted in punishment. The human population increased and as a result, social laws were enforced. Social laws also included certain religious commands but refused to include human feelings. By then, religious commands had taken the shape of customs. People were allowed to obey the religious commands freely as long as it didn’t intervene with the social laws.



10. What is God?

Nobody could explain it. Nobody could find its origin. Nobody could fix its age. Still, he is there. Since you don’t know, you say: “He is not like that.” There are many things besides you, within you, and beyond you about which you know nothing. It doesn’t mean that they are not there. There are things about which you have different feelings and ideas. You can’t deny that there is a life inside you for which you can do anything. It is said: “Except nothing there is nothing.” Nothing is also God but nothing is not God. Anything and everything might come within the radius of God’s definition, but not God. That is why everybody has his own definition of God and he is correct. However, nobody could convince others about his own God. They are so convinced and firm about their own God that they can’t budge an inch. There might be differences in naming and wording, but certainly, there are no differences in character and feeling. There “He” is the spirit, energy and all that a man can realize.


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