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Top 10 space mysteries

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 11:15 am By

Our universe is too vast for us to imagine in some ways. It is unthinkable to us that we are but a speck of a speck of what our universe is or what we have found anyways. The earth itself holds many mysteries then it is not imaginable how many different mysteries would the entire universe have. Even in our own solar system we have a lot of mysteries brewing. So far we have managed to begin to explore our closest neighbor and the vast infinity is still there beckoning us to reach for the stars. Now, we look at some of the top mysteries of space.

10. Moon’s mysteries:

The moon despite being our own satellite, is still very much undiscovered. The terrain and the lack of an atmosphere make it extremely difficult to observe and so does the rotation. Many different things like canals and ruins of cities have shown up in pictures, although they are not sufficiently clear there is not much evidence to say that it could not be possible.


9. Mars’ mysteries:

Our closest neighbor planet has always been a ball full of mysteries for observers from earth. The presence of water on the surface of the planet has also caused many speculations on whether there was and could be possible life on the planet. However so far most things including the face on the Martian surface remain a mystery and more missions and explorations are in order.

8. Saturn’s ring:

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system and it has a network of rings that are made up of dust and space rock and ice fragments. Different theories have been proposed for explaining the rings but none conclusive so far. Besides the rings, the planet also has a large number of moons most of which have volcanic surfaces.

7. Formation of Galaxies:

Galaxies are huge clusters of space matter like stars, solar systems and gigantic balls of gases that are light years huge in size. We can’t even imagine how long it would take to explore one, most galaxies occur in shapes that are either spiral or elliptical. Even though observations and calculations have confirmed that it is because of the concentration of mass, nobody knows how the mass got there.

6. Gigantic Black Holes:

Black holes also come in all shapes and sizes it seems and gigantic black holes are known to be at the centers of giant galaxies in most instances. Some other gigantic sources of disruption have also been observed but their origins are unknown as for such a large black hole to form, a lot of mass would be required.

5. Extraterrestrial life:

Extraterrestrial life has always been a fascination since early humans. Many reports of UFOs over the years have given a strong indication. However most things remain a mystery and scientists have even come up with a formula which finds the probability of a planet like the earth existing. An organization called the SETI is also in operation which constantly comes out with new theories and new proof to prove aliens exist.

4. Dark Matter:

Popular theories and observations have proven that very less of the actual mass of our universe is really visible to us. The matter which is known as dark matter has not been observed however most cosmological theories point to the indication that dark matter does exist. This has also been given as the reason why galaxies seem to be moving apart as this dark matter offers repulsion that is greater than gravity.


3. Parallel Universes:

Parallel universes have been in question for decades now and though new theories project their existence convincingly, they remain a mystery that intrigues scientists and physicists. The main point that most arguing scientists have is that there is no proof to prove that they don’t exist. Also many of the unanswered questions would easily be answered if parallel universes were to exist.

2. Warp Holes:

Warp holes are portals that connect two points in space. Science fiction is full of space ships that could get from one point in the universe to another within a matter of seconds. Perhaps one day we will also travel from one end of the universe to another in a matter of seconds.


1. Origin of the universe:

The greatest mystery of the universe has to be how it came to be. There are countless theories that are all highly convincing but the problem is that when a new theory comes up, with time it becomes obsolete. The problems that modern day cosmologists and physicists face are constantly evolving and one day we will perhaps have the answer to all the questions of our universe.

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