Top 10 Sound Effects In Indian Comic Books

3:36 pm 14 Oct, 2013

Comic books are usually seen as something written just for kids but over the years it has turned into an art form and a very good form of story telling. The more mature comics are now named graphic novels and are read by adults as well. Indian comic books have not been far behind the international scene and have created some memorable characters that have become an indispensable part of growing up in India. Be it Chacha Chaudhary, Billu, Pinki of Diamond comics or Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Doga etc. of Raj comics, all these characters still remind us of our childhood. The funniest part of these comics is the sound effects used in them. Here are the top 10 sound effects in Indian comic books.

10. Dhapp:

This is the sound made by an object or person falling on the ground. It’s a generic sound effect that is used time and again in all Indian comics. Even if someone falls on concrete it still sounds like falling on soft ground. Maybe that’s why the heroes never get hurt.


9. Khanaak:

Different variations of Khanaak are used to create the sound of glass shattering. The louder the sound, the longer the word khanaaaaaaak becomes. Just like in Hindi movies, Indian comics always have a lot of glass shattering and this sound effect is seen very frequently in all action comics. It is even used in non action comics such as when Billu breaks someone’s window pain with his ball.


8. Tadaak:

Speaking of breaking stuff, if some other object such as an empty box breaks or hits someone, the sound effect of Tadaak is used. Any action scene is incomplete without enough objects breaking so empty boxes are lying around fight scenes just for this reason. If someone hits another person with a small object it is also denoted by using Tadaak.


7. Tring:

The phone ring is the most recognizable sound effect of the last century. Now we all have ring tones but earlier the famous tring tring was the only sound that was enough to know that the phone was ringing. It is used appropriately in Indian comics as well.


6. Dhayein:

One sound effect that has come directly from bollywood is the sound of gunfire; Dhayein. Whenever any villain or police officer fires his gun we hear this sound. The variation ‘Dhichkiyaun’ is also sometimes used. Not to mention that all this gunfire never hits the hero, just like in bollywood movies.


5. Chapaak:

Chapaak is the sound of water splashing. If someone falls into water or dives into it to escape the bullets of the villains we hear Chapaak. If instead water falls on someone, then also we hear the same sound because it doesn’t matter who falls on whom, as long as water is involved Chapaak is the sound to go to.


4. Bhadaam/Dhadaam:

A bomb blast is a much louder sound and is usually denoted by Bhadaam or Dhadoom. The words are used in large and bold font to convey the idea of the loud sound of a bomb blast. This is another sound that has been taken directly from bollywood action movies.


3. Aah/Ooh/Ayee:

Whenever someone gets hurt, not the hero but someone close to him, we hear painful cries such as ‘aaaahhhh’, ‘oooohhhh’ or ‘aaaayyyeeee’. These sounds are always used with multiple letter to describe the intense pain being felt by the victim. Other variations of the sound also exist as painful shouts can vary from person to person.


2. Phataak:

An explosion smaller than a bomb is expressed by the word, Phataak. Usually it denotes a fire cracker. Some of our favorite characters in Chacha Chaudhary, Billu and Pinki are always going to blow up a firecracker or a missile. It is interesting how firecrackers are part of so many of such stories.


1. Dhadaak/Dhishoom:

Dhadaak or Dhishoom is one of the most common sounds found in Indian comics. It is the sound of someone getting punched in the face. Usually it’s the hero who does the punching but sometimes our heroes get a small beating too. Dhishoom is the trademark sign of old bollywood action movies and it is not surprising that it found its way into Indian comics as well.


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