Top 10 Songs to Listen while Reading a Book

7:00 am 11 Mar, 2013

Snuggling up in a blanket with a book and music playing in the background is perhaps one of the best ways to experience moments of bliss in this choc-a-block life of ours. While books open the doors to unknown and mysterious worlds; music enriches the journey through them. The right songs can augment the whole reading experience by not only elevating the thrill of reading but simultaneously helping us to relax too. Read below to find out some of the best songs to listen to while reading a book; of course the choices might differ from person to person as music is really a personal choice.

10. I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston):

The original song was sung by Dolly Patron in the year 1974. But it is Whitney Houston’s 1992 version that perhaps takes it a few notches higher. Soft, melodious and wonderful to the ears is what this song really is. It could be played anytime and in fact every time while in a study surrounded by books.

9. Hero (Mariah Carey): 

This was one of those songs by Carey which initially received mixed response but later became her signature song. It was first released in the year 1993 and is in reality a pleasant song indeed. It is a song that suits various occasions from weddings to funerals and hence it can be played while reading books of absolutely any genre to set the mood. Of course, other than that it is soulful so a good pick anytime while reading.

8. Just Another Day (Jon Secada):

This is a song which was released in the year 1992 and was sung by Jon Secada. There is something about this song which makes it special and a treat to listen to. So when we need to seclude ourselves to read our favorite book, it could well be played in the background. Books feed the soul and so does music and this song does the latter perfectly.

7. World Without Love (Kim Hyun Joong):

The song featured in the South Korean movie The Classic. That we don’t really need to understand a language to appreciate music is a well-known fact. The same holds true for this song from this wonderful heart touching movie. It is perfect to be played while reading; perhaps more so while reading an epic romance or a tragedy!

6. Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You (Glenn Medeiros): 

This is a melodious song by George Benson which was originally released in the year 1984. It was however when Hawaiian singer Glenn Medeiros sang it in the year 1987 that it rose to great heights of popularity. It is difficult not to like this song and once we do; it fits perfectly to the role of being played while reading.

5. Can’t Fight the Moonlight (Leann Rimes):

This song by Leann Rimes was released in the year 2000 and belonged to the soundtrack of the movie Coyote Ugly released in the same year. Composed by songwriter superwoman Diane Warren the song is catchy and is a definite power ballad which stays with us once we listen to it. Essentially a great song and one of Rimes best, it is perfect for a sojourn with a book.

4. Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers):

This is one of the most popular songs in the world. It was first released in the year 1955 but the most popular version of the song being from The Righteous Brothers which was released in the year 1965. The song again featured in the 1990 box office blockbuster film Ghost. It has a haunting feeling to it and is relaxing to listen too. Hence, it explains why it is an apt song to be played when on the couch with a book in hand.

3. Strange Fruit (Billie Holiday):

Well jazz perhaps is the genre of music which blends well with any kind of leisurely activity. One of the greatest jazz ballads Strange Fruit is a 1939 release of singer Billie Holiday. It is a song featuring in the Grammy Hall of Fame as well as in the list of Songs of the Century in America. In fact, the song also inspired the 1944 novel Strange Fruit by author Lillian Smith. We should try it to realize how the song blends with reading.

2. Hey Jude (The Beatles):

You might or might not agree but Hey Jude is definitely one of the best songs to listen to while reading. It is a song which regularly features in every all-time best songs list. It could probably be one of the reasons as to why it is in this list but we really can’t say for sure. It is a song that stays in our mind, a sing along song and basically one that improves the entire experience of reading.

1. Hotel California (Eagles):

There are some musical masterpieces which suit every mood and can be heard at any time of the day. Hotel California certainly is one of those songs. Probably the best song ever by Eagles, it is also synonymous with their excellence. It is probably among the core few songs of every music lover and hence isn’t really surprising that it could blend well with reading a book.

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