10 Most Popular Songs Of John Lennon

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Updated on 3 Apr, 2018 at 6:26 pm


Written, composed and sung many songs in his lifetime, the music, words, and voice of John Lennon continue to live on and will always generation after generation. In this post, we bring you a list of the most popular songs of the legendary singer. Take a look and listen to them.

1. Stand by me

Well, the Lennon Legend avoids all the pitfalls of the past. For openers, it is timely. It is one of those few songs that will always be a great song you can listen to whenever you feel the need to smile.




2. Jealous guy

This song is just beautiful. Obviously about regretting mistakes made through jealousy. One of the very few songs that never fails to make me cry.



3. Woman

Without a doubt, it proved that John could still ‘cut the mustard’ despite his self-imposed exile for many years. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone loves you enough to write down these lovely words and sing them for all the world to hear. Something only any one of the Beatles could do.



4. Just like

Wonderful! And yes, it’s sad that he died very shortly after he recorded it. Wish he’d had the chance to do what he expressed in this song.



5. Happy Xmas

John and Yoko spent a lot of time in the late ’60s and early ’70s working to promote peace. In 1969, they put up billboard advertisements in major cities around the world that said, “War is over! (If you want it).” Two years later this slogan became the basis for this song when Lennon decided to make a Christmas record with an anti-war message.



6. Instant Karma

Lennon left with this song. It’s an amazing and powerful tune indeed (like many other songs he made). We need to wake up from what? Why call it instant? Whatever.. bless him.



7. Mother

This song is so powerful, he sings like a lost soul looking endlessly for the light at the end of the dark but never finding it and having no one to comfort him.



8. Love

Sigh… no matter where the modern music takes us, John will live on. I heard the song accidentally somewhere I’ve forgotten, but the melody since then became unforgettable to me. It is so simple but so touching, with very naturally going line of music. It’s one of the best songs in my ears.



9. Beautiful boy

An awesome, beautiful, and poignant song about a man who absolutely loves his son and wants to spend every minute watching him grow. The sad truth of the matter, John was killed when Sean was five and would never get to see his son grow.



10. Imagine

I only wish that one day the song could be renamed from “Imagine” to reality. That one day we will all reach out to one another and know that we aren’t here alone. There are billions of people in this world. Why can’t we all just help one another out? Why can’t we just live in peace? I only wish that the world could see itself through the eyes of John Lennon.