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Top 10 Songs Of Lucky Ali

Published on 13 March, 2014 at 8:00 pm By

A superb singer, ardent songwriter, compelling composer and an exceptional actor, Lucky Ali is the son of legendary Bollywood actor Mehmood. He is well known for his melodious voice and distinctive mellow and ballet singing style.


Maqsood Mehmood Ali aka Lucky Ali rose to instant popularity with his album “Sunoh.” His songs greatly appealed to the audiences who appreciated his intense lyrics and mature alternative songwriting.

Glorious as we all might think, Lucky Ali never had a celebrated past. He faced a troubled relationship with his father, while his entire youth life was a rife with abusive drug use followed by wanderlust.

He began with his music career at the age of 38, but gained instant international recognition for his work in Sunoh, released in the year 1996. His song, “O Sanam” was highly acclaimed and he also won many awards for the same.

Here let’s have a glance at the 10 best ever songs of Luck Ali.

10. “Milegi Milegi” from Sunoh

Lucky Ali received maximum respect for his album Sunoh. He completely re-defined pop music for his generation with his debut album. “Milegi Milegi” is a track from the same album that emphasized on his melodious vocals with minimal music playing in the background. A simple acoustic guitar beautifully blended with his hard hitting lyrics, left everyone humming on to -“Kaisi hai yeh duniya? Pyaar kaa naam-o-nishaan nahin. Nadaan duniyaan waale dekho…Akele dhoondhtey saveraa”.

9. “Yeh Mumbai Nagariya” from Sunoh


The album Sunoh undoubtedly gave a kickstart to Lucky Ali’s career. The song “Ye Mumbai Nagariya” from the same album, is another distinctive song which became a major hit owing to its Middle Eastern blend and also because it was a musical ode to Mumbai. Lucky won Screen Awards for this album in the year 1996 and also the Channel V award in the year 1997.

8. “Raahi” from Xsuie

Lucky Ali released another album, Xsuie on his birthday on September 19, 2009. The most popular song from this album was “Raahi”. The background score of the song beautifully uses the flute tunes, which deluge everyone into a blues feeling. Everyone was struck with the compassion of heart breaking impact of the song.

7. “Mil Jaan Se Kabhi” from Sifar

Sifar was launched as Lucky Ali’s second album in the year 1998 by Sony Music. “Mil Jaan Se Kabhi” was a musical treat that contained beautiful notes of acoustic guitar and cow-bell ringing in the background. The song was shot at serene locations, which took the song to another level.

6.“Sandesh” from Aks

Only a celebrated poet can describe the beauty of the oceans, sky and clouds with such purity and ecstasy. This is what you will get to hear in “Sandesh” which comprises of simple, yet such admiring composition. Get ready to deluge into the romantic and utterly refreshing lyrics stating, “Dil maine toh diyaa badle mein tune mujhse waise hi pyaar kiyaa”.

5. “Gori Teri Aankhen” from Gori Teri Aankhen

Lucky Ali came up with yet another memorable composition with “Gori Teri Aankhen”. A warm and soothing tone with a euphoria that takes you to another world, the song describes the story of a girl who lost her love and now keeps remembering the unforgettable moments she once shared with him.

4. “Tanhaai Mein Basi” from Kabhi Aise Lagta Hai

Another piece of Lucky Ali’s unique collection is “Tanhaai Mein Basi”. A soulful song with the rhythmic tones of acoustic guitar and flute, which mesmerizingly blend with the heart renderings, pathos filled vocals and lyrics which set in the somber mood forcing you to think about the life saddened in loneliness.

3. “O Sanam” from Sunoh

“O Sanam” amazingly captures the much complicated feelings of gaining and loosing love at the same time. Again from the album Sunoh, the song is a pleasant dedication to everyone in love. The heart touching lyrics of the song, impels everyone to think hard about the irony of life, “Milke bichaddna toh dastoor ho gaya… Aankhon mein basi ho par door ho kahin”.

2. “Badalon Ki Gehrayi” from Sifar

Another great and melancholic composition by Lucky Ali is “Badalon Ki Gehrayi” form Sifar. His voice dawns up the somberness and sadness, the mesmerizing effect of which is further added up the flawless notes of the acoustic guitar.

1. “Tu Kaun Hai” from Aks

A  Lucky Ali song that struck hard and dominated the music charts for quite some time was “Tu Kaun Hai” from Aks. The powerful underlying message of the song was optimized seamless percussion arrangement.



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