Top 10 Situations Which Could Possibly Occur After World War III

12:00 pm 5 Apr, 2013

The last two wars that were fought on a global level brought large scale destruction of human life. The after effects were grave and a large majority of nations in the world had to deal with them for a long time. The consequences that arise post a mega-war not only impact the economy of the world but also bring in health hazards that threaten the survival of human life. If there is a World War III, it would most probably be fought with nukes. Here is a list of top 10 situations that could possibly occur after the World War III.

10. Arrival of alien rule:

Though it might sound as a sequence from some science fiction novel, it is a certain possibility what mission on Mars “Curiosity” has clearly explained in past few weeks. Therefore, with the weakening of human control on earth, Aliens might attack earth and enslave its beings signifying the beginning of a new regime. In case, some human beings survive the battle involving nuclear weapons, life would still be a tough game for them.

 Arrival of alien rule

9. End of existence of most nations:

Post World War III, the human and collateral damage would be on such a scale that almost two-thirds of the nations would lose their existence and presence on the world map. Tiny warring nations would be eligible in the list of the nations on the sheer basis of their geographical area and demography. The war would be a new beginning for only a few states and absolute annihilation of others.

End of existence of most nations - Situations Which Could Possibly Occur After World War III

8. Health complications:

This is most probable of all the consequences considering the post war effects on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan after atomic bombs were dropped on the cities during World War II. Newborns would most likely have deformities and life-threatening malaises like cancer might end the lives of the remaining human population.

Health complications

7. Dried up water sources:

The amount of heat that would be produced in the process of World War III would dry up most, if not all, existing water resources. Battles for water in every corner of the world would result in more deaths. In addition, the water sources would be left poisoned due to radiations from weapons of mass destruction leaving water unfit for use.

Dried up water sources - Situations Which Could Possibly Occur After World War III

6. Enhanced levels of Global Warming:

The threat of global warming is already worrisome and only the worst could be expected in the event of World War III. A nuclear war would surely augment the level of global warming to fatal levels, threatening survival or even existence of hundreds of species on the planet. If the bombs don’t kill mankind, the heat surely will.

Enhanced levels of Global Warming

5. Advent of new religion:

With the World War III, the supremacy of any particular religion is sure to be terminated forever. The level of large scale destruction would breed a sense of discontent in people for the Almighty, and they would try to seek solace with creation of religions that is more inclusive in nature and guarantees peace for the time to come.

Advent of new religion - Situations Which Could Possibly Occur After World War III

4. Mass starvation:

The planet, for sure, would not be a great place to live after the third world war. The number of casualities would be large by all accounts and those who survive would find it next to impossible to find enough food. The amount of devastation would be extensive and the pollution level would deny human race to reap food crops in future, for many years at a stretch.

Mass starvation

3. End of oil economy:

Most oil economies would cease to function in the post World War III era. The weapons of mass destruction would burn up all the oil fields and give a striking blow to oil-based economies, ending the rule of “black gold” on the economic order of the world.

End of oil economy - Situations Which Could Possibly Occur After World War III

2. New world order:

The most possible consequence as predicted by experts in the world is that the United States of America is bound to lose its supremacy. It is most possible that anyone out of the emerging superpowers such as China and India are destined to dethrone it. In fact, the chances of second largest economy in the world, China, are brighter.

New world order

1. Fall of United States:

The fall of United States of America would be the biggest possibility in the event of World War III. It is highly likely that the US would go the USSR way and disintegrate into various states, which would no longer work as a mighty union. They might strive for their independence, away from the central control and this would result in end of the great American dream. If the World War 2 made US a superpower, the third would end it.

Fall of United States - Situations Which Could Possibly Occur After World War III

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