Top 10 Signs You’re an Introvert

4:02 pm 15 Jul, 2013

Introverts are not antisocial, as many people might think, but just a little awkward and uncomfortable in strange situations and with strange people. They might seem to be shy and timid but that’s usually just the personality they hide behind, while their real personality can be of a talkative and interesting person. It’s just that they don’t show this side of themselves to everyone. There is nothing wrong in being an introvert. If you’ve ever wondered whether you were an introvert or not, there are a few signs that can help you find the answer. So here are the top 10 signs that show you are an introvert.

10. You Like People, Just Not All The Time:

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t like people. You do, but not all the time. You can be social and amiable but you also need to be alone regularly. The problem is – you know when you want a little me-time and others don’t! It’s possible you find it hard to socialize with people you don’t like. You cannot pretend. And, it’s a okay to do that.

You Like People, Just Not All The Time

9. People Often Ask “What Are You Thinking?”:

You get asked this question a lot because often you haven’t said anything in a while. Extroverts can’t stand silence and it bothers them if you don’t carry the conversation forward. You on the other hand have no problem with the sound of silence. If not ‘what are you thinking,’ they might ask why you’re so quiet. It’s especially easy to observe if you’re meeting some people for the 1st or 2nd time.

People Often Ask What Are You Thinking

8. You Have Only A Few Close Friends:

It’s not like you don’t have any friends, just not a whole bunch. You might have a lot of acquaintances but there are only a few friends you can call your ‘best friends’ and you are very close with them. You prefer to have a few deep, close and meaningful relationships instead of a lot of shallow ones.

You Have Only A Few Close Friends

7. You Don’t Like Meeting New People:

As far as the number of people you know in your life, you’re all set. You don’t need or want to meet new people. It’s just that meeting new people and staring new relationships are hard and emotionally straining. At least one of your friend has been with you since school time.

You Don't Like Meeting New People

6. You Don’t Like Parties:

Parties, especially the surprise kind, make you nervous and you spend days worrying about a party you must go to. You’d spend a lot more energy to come up with an excuse not to go to a party than it would take to just go. At a party, you can never have fun; you spend your time in a corner with a couple of people and keep waiting for the time you can leave.

You Don't Like Parties

5. You Like Spending Time On Your Own:

The best time is alone time. Others might find it very boring to be on their own but not you. You love your own company and there are a million things you can do alone. You love solo activities such as reading and the your favorite thing to do is sit alone and think.

You Like Spending Time On Your Own

4. You Think Deeply And Pay Attention To Details That Others Miss:

Since you like thinking, you do it a lot and so are much better at it than others. While watching movies and reading books and in daily life, you tend to pay attention to details that no one else seems to notice. You have a wonderful imagination and your inner world is vibrant and alive. You understand things deeply but don’t like to brag about it or give unasked advice.

You Think Deeply And Pay Attention To Details That Others Miss

3. You Are A Good Listener:

Since you don’t talk much, you tend to be a good listener. When other’s talk you actually listen and think about what they are saying and engage emotionally with them, instead of just waiting for your turn to speak. You don’t like to comment unless you have something insightful to say.

You Are A Good Listener

2. You Get Emotionally Drained Easily And Need Time Alone To Recharge:

You connect emotionally and deeply with everyone you talk to and this drains you very soon. That’s why you don’t like being in a crowd or going to parties. The only thing that can recharge you is being alone and spending time with your own thoughts.

You Get Emotionally Drained Easily And Need Time Alone To Recharge

1. You Like Creative Work That You Can Do On Your Own:

You are creative and like to work alone. You prefer to be self employed and work from the familiar surroundings of your home. You find it hard to work on a project in collaboration with many people as you can’t control how they work and so prefer solo project.

You Like Creative Work That You Can Do On Your Own

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