10 Signs You Are In Love With Him

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Updated on 1 May, 2015 at 7:05 pm


Keeping your options open, you may have dated or talked number of roadside romeos; but eventually, there comes a man whom you think “the one.” TopYaps is presenting ten straightforward indications to figure out whether you’re in love or not. If you’re acting in any of the points mentioned here, then my mate, you’ve been attacked by the love bug. Go ahead and enjoy the ride!

10. You walk slowly when he is with you:

Generally, there isn’t any reason behind walking slowly, whether you’re in your college campus or somewhere outside. But as soon as he pops out of nowhere like a mushroom then your steps mechanically prefer to halt. Doesn’t matter he was chasing you like a dog but you love to take a slack walk with him. May be it’s a not-so-obvious clue but remember, you guys weren’t bumped into each other by accident. There is something!


9. Visiting his Facebook profile constantly:

Well, well, well. Gone are the days when boys’ Facebook profile pages were ignored by girls. She loves monitoring your activities on this social network platform more than the content moderation team of Facebook. Friends list, status messages, comments and each and every crappy activity is on her radar. Dude, don’t publish anything about drugs or sex on your fraternity house. She has started crawling your activities for securing future’s deal.



8. Better than Tom Cruise:

Cut the crap! Who the hell is Tom Cruise when “HE” looks better than anyone else. His features and personal appearance can beat even Ben Hur in single shot. You can easily realize that when he is hot, he is hot, and when he is not, he is not. If you’re really interested in taking him away from the world of show and hiding like a little hermit, then you are definitely in love with him.


7. You get jealous when he is talking to other girls:

Okay, jealousy is an instinct quality of girls. But you know, you become a green-eyed monster if other girls are trying to transfix him beneath the lampshade. You start giving those girls stay-away-from-him look and it’s something like **** off and stop bit***ng around him….he is my property, ok? However, strings are yet to be attached between you and him, but if you’re despising those b****es then certainly you’ve implanted seeds of love for him.


6. You care about him:

You met him at a bar, college, bus stop or whatever place, share some pleasantries and after a couple of days of radio silence you finally realize that ‘something’ is going on. If the ‘something’ is giving positive vibes then you start pondering who he is, what makes him laugh and what he thinks. If you’ve started caring about his feelings then you are unquestionably susceptible for the “L” word.


5. You have buried memories of your EX:

“Love hurts” is a global phenomenon but it’s a matter of fact that it also heals all wounds. The sweet old memories of your honey bunny always tortures you but ever since you met the ‘new’ boy, your ex goes furthest from your mind. If you’re feeling felicitous in the new company and barely recalls the old one, then…..Bingo!


4. You read his SMSs again and again:

After popping the SMS game you start checking your phone like a lunatic. Geez, it has been 30 minutes since you sent him the last text injecting s**tload of philosophical stuffs. You read your text couple of times, thinking – could you’ve done better or was it any good. It’s not about putting him on a pedestal and worshiping to gain the approval, rather it’s a fun stuff which ends in a great deal.


3. You love spending time with him:

It’s not about breaking your budget and taking him to a snooty restaurant. It just goes with spending loads of time, exploring his needs and priorities in life. Rather than going out with your buddies and instead of doing one of your favorite hobbies, if you opt spending time with him then watch out….you’re surely falling for him.


2. Fantasizing about him frequently:

Fantasizing your boy adds color to your colorless day because there is an indefinable chemistry between you and him. Oh, that goofy smile, standing too close in personal space and taking things further by visualizing sexual escapade with this guy, unavoidably leads to emotional affair.


1. Other priorities on backseat:

If his presence makes you forget about rest of the world and your crucial to-do list becomes quite obsolete then make sure that love virus has started running in your nerves. You’re all set to enjoy the ride as you’ve developed feelings for him. I bet, while thinking about him you can’t even make out where Australia is on the world map.


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