10 Signs To Know If Someone Is Lying

1:05 pm 8 Sep, 2018


Nobody in this world is perfect. Therefore, no one can claim that he/she doesn’t lie at all. Lying becomes necessary at some point in time. But a liar is a liar. He can’t get away with his lies. Liars tend to reveal their lies through their own expressions, behaviour or body language. To determine if a person is lying or not, you can take a look at these 10 signs of lying:


10. A liar displays anger and point fingers at you instead.

Try and express even the slightest of mistrust or doubt in the concerned liar, he will get nervous and will start pointing his notorious finger towards you. Unlike a liar, a true heart will get furious if wrongfully judged. But he will keep aside his anger and will co-operate and help you find the actual truth.




9. Will deny with extra emphasis and use negative words frequently.

When asked a certain question the answer to which they actually want to hide, they, in haste, tend to use a very formal language to deny. They use affirmative sentences and words to make the listener believe in them. Negative words like “did not”, “never ever”, etc. are used frequently.



8. Liars repeat the question to buy time to cook up things.

Every liar repeats the entire question before answering it. This gives them time to cook up some lie. They actually buy some time to fool the interrogator.



7. Body language and gestures take the form of unconscious signals.

A careful observer can catch a liar by just observing his body language. A person lying on the bed when queried about something will sit instantly and start feeling uneasy if he is lying. While telling a lie, the liars get anxious and their anxiety takes the form of unconscious signals, such as tapping one’s lap, adjusting oneself, curling hair with fingers, etc.



6. Unusual behaviour and improper facial expressions.

Upon being asked about something that the liar doesn’t want to tell, his calm will fly out of the window and he will feel at unease. Facial expressions like fake smile and cunning delight that rules the face after deceiving the other person are also revelation signs.



5. Inconsistency in narrating things.

Liars are usually inconsistent in the fable they narrate to deceive the interrogator. All an interrogator needs to do is interrupt the dear liar at every divergence. Ask him unexpected questions. In no time he will get irked and make everything easy for you to understand.



4. Escape or change the subject.

The liars subconsciously step backwards, with their feet towards the exit. This way, they impel to get ready to escape out of the situation. They also try to create a physical bar between them and the interviewers by placing a cup of coffee or water bottle on the desk between them. One smart habit of the liars is changing the subject.




3. Voice and tone different from usual.

While explaining things, a liar’s vocal tone often gets altered. Liars with lower pitch start speaking with a higher pitch and vice-versa. Their tongue fumbles and they speak in a tone different from usual. Their hesitation to answer also comes into the picture at times.



2. A long story with little information.

Liars tend to weave a web of lies by telling exaggerated stories. They give a little information during this process of story narration. However, once they finish up with their fable; ask them to narrate it back. Liars will struggle hard to repeat their original performance.



1. The eye constantly shifts sideways.

A person speaking truth maintains eye contact for around 60% of conversation. On the other hand, a liar will try and either have less eye contact or more. However, nervous people do not make eye contact at all or hesitate to face the interviewer. Therefore, a person engaging in more eye contact than necessary is more likely to be a liar than a person making no eye contact.