Top 10 Signs It’s Time To Get Married

1:35 pm 6 Aug, 2013

It’s said marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth, but how do you know who was your marriage fixed with up there up or when you are going to celebrate it here? Are you in a frenzy seeing all your peers gearing up for that waltz down the aisle? Have you begun to think on marriage – or not just yet? Well, the whole issue isn’t as complicated. We all will have signs in life to indicate when we are ready to get married. To generalize things, we have listed below top 10 signs of when you’re ready to get married. Make sure you check these before you set on that long walk down the aisle.

10. You share the bond outside the bed:

One of the most vital sign to know when you are ready to get married is a feeling of happiness and connectivity with the partner with clothes on as it is with clothes off. When you think you share a great physical relation with your partner even outside the bed you are good to get married.

You share the bond outside the bed

9. You have a full life:

It is your life surely, but it is important to have family and friends around. Do not sideline just about everyone for you partner. There will be a few people (that matter) who may not be in favor of your relationship, but then you cannot please everyone. But for a good married life, you need friends, family and good cheers so try and keep all that intact.

You have a full life

8. You bring out the best in each other:

Marriage is about two souls coming together to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Thus, it is important that you are each other’s support and you are someone who brings out the best in your partner and also the worst. If you can do that, then you’re ready to get married.

You bring out the best in each other

7. You’re thinking beyond marriage:

Marriage isn’t only about a grand party, a puffy white gown and all the attraction; it is what happens after that big day. If you are all good to live life as happily (after the big day) like on the big day, then you are surly good to get married.

You’re thinking beyond marriage

6. Ability to resolve conflicts:

It is important that both partners are prepared to disagree on things from time to time; all rosy between couples isn’t really healthy for relationships all the time. When you are in a relationship you must learn to resolve conflicts fairly at your own level without ill treating one who is pissed. When you inculcate conflict resolving skills, you are good to get married.

Ability to resolve conflicts

5. If you understand marriage is commitment:

We are bound to act differently when we know our futures are tied together therefore being committed to the other person is very important. Commitment isn’t a very sexy word to hear but we think it has a lot more to do in making marriages work than anything else. Commitment is a choice of giving up choices, if you are prepared to do so, you are good to get married.

If you understand marriage is commitment

4. You stand to gain:

Relationships are all about trust, forgiveness and endless commitment. If you are getting all this from your partner and you are really confident that the relationship will continue the same way – then you are going to gain more than loosing. This is the time when you can think of getting married.

You stand to gain


3. Change isn’t necessary:

You don’t have to like everything in your partner, and there are chances that he/she may have a few annoying qualities, thus make sure you get hocked only if you can take the annoyance. This because, you cannot change someone (you can tweak) but in majority, you cannot change a person. You are ready for marriage only when you can be with your partner without getting frustrated with his/her annoying qualities.

Change isn't necessary

2. Being on the same page:

Long term relationship will make you more decisive and understanding and to an extent compromising as well, but when it comes to marriage you don’t want to compromise because that isn’t how lifelong relationships work. If you are not on the same page with you partner and share separate mindsets, then you need to prioritize things before you tie the knot. You are ready to get married only when you and you partner are on the same page on fundamentals like money, children, and values etc.

Being on the same page

1. Living long term relations:

Being together for a while, in a long term relations, you tend to understand you strengths and weaknesses. Long term relationships let you figure out you qualities and make you ready for a lifelong relation with someone. When you have understood what you want from life and what you can do and how you can make a relationship work, you are almost ready to get married.

Living long term relations

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