Top 10 Shocking Cases of Live Freaky Acts on TV

Updated on 7 Jul, 2016 at 7:06 pm


Most of us spend a lot of our time watch TV, and some of us end up viewing some of the freakiest and some of the most shocking events on live TV. When we talk about shocking cases of live freaky acts on TV – we don’t mean the scripted TV or reality shows, we means some of the craziest moments caught on live TV. Listed below are top 10 shocking cases of live freaky acts on TV.

10. News anchor loses it on live TV:

Dylan Ratigan, a reporter and talk show anchor on MSNBC, went bizarre on live TV. He was on air in a talk show with representatives from the Republican and the Democratic Party, when he went all guns blazing, shouting on top of his voice, calling all the politicians – the President, Republicans and Democrats on the reality of the frightening budget crises in US. He emphasized on how hundreds of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the country and there is no one to take a stand against the bought Congress.

9. Professor dies on live TV:

M N Vijayan a.ka. Vijayan Mash was an Indian writer, orator and academician who apparently had a heart attack on live TV on October 3, 2007, when he was addressing a televised press conference in Thrissur. Vijayan had been suffering from headaches and drowsiness, and during the speech he lost consciousness and dropped backwards in his chairs, the cameras continued to film the shocking event only to see Vijayan die in the chair.


8. Crazy Tom Cruise:

Often seen as a very guarded and reserved in nature, Tom Cruise was his craziest best in an Oprah Winfrey show on May 23, 2005, wherein Winfrey described Tom Cruise ‘like she’d never seen before’. One of the most memorable Oprah Winfrey shows, this one, even saw Cruise couch jumping!

7. Kayne West freak show while Taylor Swift’s MTV Video Music Awards speech:

Kayne West known to be really outspoken out did himself at the MTV Video Music Awards. He popped on stage and grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift when she was gearing up to make her acceptance speech after she was announced winner of the best female video. The rapper stormed the stage and said that Beyonce had the best video ever. The rapper later apologized on his blog.


6. Janet Jackson Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy:

Super Bowl XXXVIII will always be remembered for the controversial half time show, which was aired live, wherein Janet Jackson, performing with Justin Timberlake, was left with an exposed right breast with a nipple shield (by her celeb partner on stage). The fiasco was later referred to as wardrobe malfunction, but was in a malfunction or a publicity stunt of some kind? Keep guessing!


5. Balloon boy hoax:

One of the biggest hoaxes on live Television was when a parent duo of Richard and Mayumi Heene in Fort Collins, Colorado, allowed a helium balloon to float away into the atmosphere and then claiming that their six-year old son was on board. The world watched the entire even of the balloon reaching altitudes of 7,000 feet. It was later reported that all this time the boy was hiding in the house and it was all bullcrap, made up by six-year old Falcon’s parents in order to get famous.

4. Wardrobe malfunction on live TV:

Some Marika Fruscio managed to grab maximum hits worldwide for the biggest wardrobe malfunction of all times on live television, when she was unable to manage here outfit on a talk show on Italian television. We know the Italian babes are awesome, but this one is good to size up the groin of every male gentleman watching the video.

3. Trying to fly on live TV:

When you can’t decide what is the most shocking you have seen on television, and have your own picks, you must see this. Some crazy guy calming to have many superpowers and being able to fly being one of them, and when people could only gulp that, the ass jumps up on the couch and then rolls over madly on the floor, but just not managing to fly.

2. Jordan F. Romero’s live suicide:

If you thought there could be nothing crazier, how about Jordan F. Romero shooting himself and Fox News Network capturing the event live? Romero was running wild in the Phoenix desert, with cops and Fox News running after him, a cop missed Romero once, but moments later, Fox News didn’t miss capturing Romero shooting himself in the head. Crazy!


1. Plane striking World Trade Center:

Eleventh day of September 2001 will go down as the most tragic day in American history and as one of those days when the world saw the craziest thing on live TV – the second plane (the American Airlines Flight 175) crashing into the south tower of the World Trade Center. It was a moment that meant the world wouldn’t be the same again and the world saw it live.


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