Top 10 sensational photos of 2011

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 8:09 pm

2011 is considered as the year of iconoclasm for photographers. They snapped some moments that mattered most and helped in shaping the draft of history and society. TopYaps presents a list of ten sensational photos of 2011 that were spontaneous and taken on fulminant instants, but got unexpected exposures.

10. Boat-way:

A Japanese boat, Hama Yuri, was struck by lethal Tsunami in March. The waves pulled this sightseeing boat 1300 feet away from the sea-shore, adjusting it on a two story house.

Source: Reuters/Kyodo

9. Goodbye master:

The coffin belongs to Jon Tumilson, a Navy SEAL, who was killed in a Helicopter crash in Afghanistan. During Tumilson’s emotional funeral in Rockford, his Labrador retriever “Hawkeye” was snapped sharing an extremely emotional and poignant moment.

Photographer: Lisa Pembleton (Tumilson’s cousin)

8. An arousing riot:

This bang-up photo was taken on a tear-gas filled street of Vancouver in June, when cops were confronting rioters. These rioters started vandalism after Vancouver’s Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins. On the rampant street, Alex Thomas, a Canadian girl fell down, and was snapped by a passerby while her Australian boyfriend Scott Jones was trying to calm her.

Photographer: Richard Lam

7. Bottoms Up:

This photo was taken on March 24, in Brussels, when a protestor was showing his bottom to riot police. This demonstration was called by European workers and trade union, demanding better job protection.

Source: Reuters / Thierry Roge

6. Enforcing the law:

20-year-old Liz Nichols getting pepper spray on her face during the Occupy Portland protests. Her sensational photograph was taken while yelling at officers that she was ill-treated by a policewoman who poked her in the ribs with a baton and weighed it against her throat.

Source: Randy L. Rasmussen/The Oregonian


5. Arresting a silhouette:

This sensational photograph was taken on August 8, 2011, when an unidentified woman was jumping from a burning building on Church Street area of Croydon, London.

Source: Amy Weston/

4. An instance of a “noble” war:

Snapped on March 11, 2011, this iconic photograph depicts the rebels of Libya near Ras Lanuf. Near the front lines, these unskilled fighters were running around to hide at a safe place when Gaddafi’s military started dropping bombs.

Photographer: Yuri Kozyrev

3. Behind the screen:

In this heart-wrenching photograph, a Japanese girl is looking at her dog through a window. This girl was kept in isolation for radiation screening, after the occurrence of earthquake and tsunami in March.

Source:  Yuriko Nakao/Reuters

2. This is what we say famine:

This wide-eyed staring is of Mihag Gedi Farah, a seven-month-old skeletal child, lying at a hospital bed ofInternational Rescue Committee, in Kenya. Likewise this baby, there are still thousands of children in his region, facing the deadly face of starvation.

Source: Schalk Van Zuydam/AP

1. Target is down:

President Obama and his National Security Team watching the live updates of “Operation Neptune Spear,” which ended the outrageous fable of Osama Bin Laden, the international terror figurehead.

Source: Pete Souza (photographer of the White House)