10 Highest Selling Cars That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Updated on 14 Nov, 2015 at 9:50 am



Cars have become very comfort providing and the technology has reached immeasurable heights. Some cars companies have made a great name for themselves with their cars that are not only good to drive but also provide increased comfort, better driving experience and reliability. The top ten selling car list comprises cars that have not only stood the test drive but have also stood the test of time.

10. Lada Riva:

The car was first seen in the 1973 motor show in Britain, it was a joint production of Fiat and the Soviet government. The car quickly became a rage as it was cheap and had a good design. It has sold more than 13 million units as its advanced versions continue to run on some roads in the world. This fiat product was among the first cars to become a middle class sensation.

9. Passat:

The Volkswagen Passat is one of the most successful cars the company has made. Introduced as a family car in 1973 and widely fascinated by the car dealers, this car of Volkswagen has sold more than 14 million units to date and is still loved by people as a good family car. Today it has the reputation of being a car that has many advanced features found in the more expensive cars and with a great engine; it is also an amazing drive.

8. Honda Accord:

The Honda accord is one of the best cars in its segment and has remained so for more than 30 years now. An estimated sales figure in excess of 15 million units, the car is still selling like hot cakes. It was especially popular in the US in the 1980s and is another pristine example of Japanese engineering. This car is also known to be fuel efficient which is an added bonus.

7. Ford T:

Known to many around the world as one of the cars that started it all, the Ford Model T was first introduced in 1908. Likewise golden egg for car dealers, it was the first car for a large number of people from the middle classes and sold around 16.5 million units between 1908 and 1927. The car was available in only a single color, black and it was also called as the universal car by the maker of Ford, Henry Ford.

6. Honda Civic:

This is one car that every car lover has wished to own at some time or another. One of the best looking cars in the markets today, this four door sedan started out as a fun car has become a cult car with its many versions finding place in different walks of life. The current version of the car is also a bestseller and in all the Civic as sold more than 16.5 million units and counting. One of its top selling attributes is the cost of the car which has always been very competitive.

5. Ford Escort:

The Ford Escort was an all round family car that was also designed keeping in mind the look. The car was flagged off in 1967 and was stopped in 2003 but has sold more than 20 million units worldwide. A large number of versions of the car were made available to try and make the car more versatile but in the end a little too much was done with the car until its demand gradually declined.

4. Volkswagen Beetle:

The car that has gained a place in the hearts of car lovers all around the world, the Bug or the Beetle is one of the most well known cars ever made. It was recently given a restart by the company and is more popular than ever. It is a hatchback which was deemed to fail time and again but has managed to stand not only the test of time but also the tests that critics have thrown at it over the years as it still continues to gain in popularity selling more than 21 million units worldwide.

3. Volkswagen Golf:

The car that was made to replace the Beetle has become just as iconic as the car it was meant to replace. With a sales figure in excess of 25 million units to date, this car is not just good looking but is also among the best built vehicles with incredible performance and reliability which have given it a worthy place as the top three selling cars in the world.

2. Fiat Punto:

This Fiat car has given some great cars a run for their money as it has managed to sell consistently since it was launched in 1994. The look of the car is the biggest draw as it gives off a classy and refined look. The simple and unique design has won over many hears and as a car in the fuel efficient sections it has done extremely well.

1. Toyota Corolla:

Arguably the best selling car of all time, the popular car from Toyota has sold more than 32 million units. The main selling point of this car is that it is extremely reliable. It has the reputation of being a car that stands years and years of service free performance. It is one of the best family cars available in the markets and it has more than its share of regular followers who buy updated models also.

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