Top 10 Secrets Behind The Success of Google

12:00 pm 5 Mar, 2013


It wouldn’t be wrong to call Google a technology as well as a business innovator. But what is the reason behind its amazing achievements? Google is, after all, much more than just a search engine. It is a company that is possibly the backbone of every other online company in the world. The expansion of internet has been possible largely because of Google and its strategies alone. Let us find out the top 10 reasons behind the success of Google.

10. Doesn’t focus on unnecessary policies:

There are companies where wearing a tie is compulsory. But how does that contribute to a company’s success? It certainly doesn’t, for a company succeeds when its employees are happy and given a relaxing environment to work in. Google is known for its informal work culture where wearing a suit or being dressed formally is not pushed upon its employees. They are encouraged to work in the manner and in the attire that they dim fit. Work is given importance rather than futile policies.

Doesn’t focus on unnecessary policies - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

9. Employee friendly:

Happy workforce is productive workforce, and Google truly practices this philosophy. Be it free haircuts, gourmet food, on-site doctors, on-site laundry, Wi-Fi commuting shuttles and high-tech “cleansing” toilets; Google offers all that to its employees. Best in class facilities are provided so that employees enjoy their workplace. So, it’s not surprising that employees enjoy working in Google which reflects directly in its results.

Employee friendly - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

8. Perks for women:

Most IT companies usually treat its employees as mere machines. Women are also no exceptions to the rule and, as a result, the attrition rates of women is high across industry, and more so for new mothers. Google is a company where there is a five months off at full pay and benefits to an expectant as well as new mother. In fact, there are options available even for part time work for women who have young children. These employee-friendly rules certainly are one of the secrets of its success.

Perks for women - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

7. Advertising:


Google’s Ad sense feature is second to none in the industry. This option provided by the giant has helped bloggers, advertisers and consumers all at the same time. Various companies use AdWords for promoting their brands. This is one of those products, or innovation, by which Google earns substantially in revenue. It is a win-win situation for both Google and those who use it on their websites. Advertising is in fact a big reason for Google’s continued success.

Advertising - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

6. Google Chrome:

I personally feel that Google Chrome is the most user friendly browser available; it is fast, simple and works well. In fact, a quick survey among friends and some search on the internet would reveal that the opinion is shared by many people across the world. The usage share of desktop browsers usually has Google Chrome in the lead. As a result when it comes to browsers, Google becomes a leading player in terms of market share.

Google Chrome - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

5. Gmail:

Most people in the world must have had their first e-mail id on yahoo or rediff. However, today most people in the world use Gmail. It is considered the simplest to use and offers a whole range of additional features that assist any business or individual. Whether it is inbuilt ability of Gtalk that it offers or simply the email experience, Gmail outshines its competition by several degrees. It is one of the key reasons for Google’s success in the world.

Gmail - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

4. YouTube:

Perhaps one of the best business decisions made by Google was the acquisition of YouTube. Being the top video destination on the internet, You Tube is perhaps one of the most popular products of Google. In fact, I don’t think there is anything out there at par with it from any other provider. Whether it is movies, music or current affairs, everything can be found and watched on the YouTube. In spite of its high maintenance cost, You Tube is a massive contributor to Google’s success.

YouTube - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

3. Google Maps:

I don’t think there is any other mapping solution which is at par with the Google Maps. When in doubt about navigation, the Google Maps come to the rescue and are never wrong. In fact the young and tech savvy generation today is highly dependent on Google Maps for navigating within a city or even outside of it. They provide high resolution images and helps in getting directions using the ‘Get Directions’.

Google Maps - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

2. Android:

It is the age of Smartphones and more so, of those having the Android. When it comes to the technology industry in terms of mobile operating systems, Android is preferred by most consumers. Sometimes, it is even favored over an iOS. With a number of mobile manufactures using Android, Google has a huge share in this section of the market, too. It is one of the remarkable areas of success of this giant.

Android - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

1. Search engine:


What is the search engine you use every day, or what is the default search engine on your browser? The answer to these questions would most likely be: Google.  Certainly there are other search engines too, like Yahoo, Bing or Altavista, but they fall severely short of providing the kind of experience that Google ensures. So, this is one area where Google enjoys a monopoly and is a dominant force. Its rivals will have to come out with something exceptional to dethrone Google in this space. Till then, however, Google would continue to rule the roost as a search engine.

Search engine - Secrets Behind The Success of Google

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