Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:31 am


Science fiction is one of the most discovered genres of filmmaking. Some amazing films have been made which point to the edges of human imagination. There is nothing more engrossing on a big screen than a well made science fiction flick and there are some amazing movies that we have witnessed so far. The genre has a lot of dedicated fans who take things very seriously when it comes to science fiction. We will look at the top ten science fiction flicks of all time.

10. ET:

ET or Extra Terrestrial is one of the most loved science fiction films of all time. The film was made by Steven Spielberg in 1982 and still continues to be a great movie to watch. A boy stumbles on an alien child that has somehow been left behind on the planet. The duo is one of the most well recognized partnerships in the entire history of films.

9. Terminator 2: Judgement Day:

The terminator was made legendary by this sequel to the first film which is only well known because of the second. War rages on between machines and man in the future and the machines send in a terminator that is more advanced to take out the future leader of the human resistance John Connor. The action gets bigger and better as the film goes on and leaves you wondering if the future holds a war between man and machine.

8. The Day the Earth Stood Still:

The remake of this film did not even compare to the original. It was made in 1951 and still it has a very well made. It does not have the violence that you would normally expect but this film delivers well in other areas. The storyline is excellent and the messages that are conveyed in the film are still relevant even today. A must watch for any science fiction fan.


7. Planet of the Apes:

The crew of a spaceship lands on a planet that looks like the earth only to find themselves on earth some thousands of years in the future. Set in the 40th century, the planet of the apes is ruled by apes that are smarter than the humans of the time. These talking apes suppress and oppress the humans keeping them as their slaves. The movie has several sequels and many remakes, the first was made in 1968.

6. Star Wars (series):

With the most amazingly constructed characters and well thought out plots, the star wars series is undoubtedly one of the most well known science fiction films of all time. The films have been made over a period of 30 years and although most would say that the newer ones are a shade of what the first two films were, this series is not to be missed.

5. Inception:

The newest science fiction masterpiece to come out, this movie has been very well received globally because of the depth of its concepts. It is one of the highest grossing films of all time which is more than a testament of its standing on this list. It has received a lot of acclaim from critics as a film that has some excellent audio and video effects.

4. The Matrix (series):

The first of the three films in the series set off a fire that was to be quelled only by a sequel and a sequel. The excellent visuals in the movies and the uber-cool that is spread all around with the fighting and the stunts and the clothes all mixes up very well to bring about a film that is one of the best of all time. It has a lasting effect on the mind and watching it again and again is known to be a side effect.

3. Metropolis:

Although most of this film will never perhaps be seen by the world, the recent 2010 screenings in different parts of the world has given some hope to people who have heard of this film. Made in 1927 in Germany by Fritz Lang, this is set in the future where the ongoing crisis between social workers and capitalists is shown. The film is from the times of the silent cinemas but it is a treat to watch as it has some amazingly detailed effects which are impressive even by today’s standards.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey:

Based on the book of the same name by Arthur C Clarke, it is one of the most technically well made science fiction films of all time. This film was made in 1968 and even today is a very well known film that has some amazing special effects. The story a masterpiece by Arthur C Clarke and the book is also an equally enthralling experience.


1. Blade Runner:

The movie that is still known as one of the overall best ever film, this is set in a futuristic Los Angeles where the darker side of technology has led humans into an abyss. Blade Runners are people who hunt down human clones known as replicants. It has action, it has science and it has some great actors. A deserving film to be on top of this list, you are not a film fan at all if you haven’t seen this one.