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Top 10 Romantic Games for Couples

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 4:11 pm By

Married couples and couples in long intimate relationships, both lose the lust and passion over a time. These couples want some fun with romance, and at the end of their search on web; they find themselves under a huge pile of tips and tricks to rekindle that passion again. Even otherwise, it’s better to create illusions than faking it. One of the best tricks to add fun to your romantic moments is to engage each other in some sensual games. Here are 10 best romantic games couples:

10. Strip Poker:

It’s the naughty variant of traditional poker game. However, here you don’t lose or win money, but take a piece of cloth off on every round lost. Set rules that suit you, but stay with them. You can take the game to any level, such as betting a striptease dance on a game of poker.

Strip Poker

9. Truth or Dare:


Everyone knows how to play Truth or Dare, right? Insert this little game into you’re intimate foreplay. Ask some erotic secrets as questions or tell him to dare perform some unusual sensual tasks within limitations. Exploit the opportunity to know each other’s adolescent fantasies and secrets.

Truth or Dare

8. Confession Game:

It’s a damn good game to set the mood. The curiosity is the most charming part of romance. It keeps your desires focused, fresh as always. The game is just about making each other confess their secret sins, the adolescence fantasies, the crushes on teachers or your next door neighbor, little flirty episodes during high school, and rating one night stands, if any.

Confession Game

7. One Step Forward, One Step Back:

Lie in bed, and have him stand at a good distance. Ask him questions about yourself. Test him how much he knows you. For instance, ask him what your favorite position is, or ask him to guess your dream vacation spot. With every right question he gets one step closer to you and one back if he’s wrong. It can be more than just a teasing game. He’ll get to know many things about you.

One Step Forward, One Step Back

6. Board Games:

Any traditional board game can make a great romantic couple game. You just need to substitute rewards and punishments with some sensual or erotic tasks. You can roll the dice or you can play “erotic chess or checkers’. One each piece taken from opponent, he/she would be required to complete some naughty or spicy task.

Board Games

5. Follow Kama Sutra:

Excitement of trying a new position is irresistible for any couple. For this game, you need to do a little research either on Google or buy a copy of the book, Kama Sutra. Try to recreate what the book suggests. Learn about new positions and foreplays suggested in the book. It’ll definitely help you kill your boredom. The book holds a great value, and it contains the only detailed research ever done on sexual relationship between opposite sexes. It refers to sex as an art and a play.

Follow Kama Sutra

4. Play Erotic Video games:

If you have tried everything and now, you are fed up of ‘I am your doctor’ game, then try some of the erotic video games together. The games offer controlled romantic, erotic action with definite rules in the virtual world. These adult games serve virtual romance, dating, sexual activities, and almost every fantasy story with spiced up graphics. You can kidnap her and seduce her on a beach or on a spaceship.

Play Erotic Video games

3. Role Play:


Amidst the growing staleness of your romantic soup, role play can juice up you to live your fantasies for real. Imagination has ability to set the stage for exciting, highly romantic moments of your life. Get her a school dress skirt or play a stranger who seduces a girl. Role-playing games can lower the inhibitions and increase arousal. Manifesting reoccurring fantasies would also help relieve the suppressed desires.

Role Play

2. Talk Dirty:

Nothing is dirty when couples are in romantic relations. But, at some stage we need to experiment with the odd parts. Exploit the curiosity to know how your partner feels when aroused. Share your dirty desires. Provoke your partner in public places by secretly whispering dirty things in your partner’s ears. It’ll let you enjoy a passionate end of an impatient day; it would add a lot of spice to your romantic moment.

Talk Dirty

1. Bondage Games:


A list of romantic games is always incomplete without mentioning this one. If it’s the first time, then you are going to explore the joys element of helplessness to move your arm or legs or anything when her sensual touch provokes you. Tie the wrists and ankles of your partner with tight knots. Then do whatever teasing you can. One of the partners gets all the control and other one feel busting of contained movements. You can also play ‘you are my prisoner’. Sometimes people excites to peaks to make love when they are powerless.

Bondage Games


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