Top 10 restaurants

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 11:54 am


Eating out is just as important to some people as eating in and why should it not be. If you are looking to pay good money then you deserve to get your money’s worth and more. Restaurants today offer a wide variety of choices and they are also very careful about the specifics of the themes they have. Getting a good review for a restaurant means keeping up to date with demands of people and also offering unique tastes in its menu which are all very important. Here, we look at some of the best rated restaurants in the world.

10. Per Se:

This New York restaurant offers a great dining experience and has a lot of different flexible menus offered. The cuisine is mostly American and French and the daily menus have a 9 course US menu on offer which has a lot of specialties. The food and the ambience here is amazing and as are the city views that it offers. Well known chef Thomas Keller is the head chef and owner of this restaurant.

9. Arzak:

In the Spanish city of San Sebastian, the restaurant is named after its owner, Juan Mari Arzak who runs it with great pride and dedication. Reviewed to have some of the most innovative and yet simple dishes you will find, it has also received many accolades from food critics all around the world. It has been in the top ten lists for restaurants since it was first conceived in 1989 by the owner.

8. Daniel:

Daniel Boulud owns and runs this restaurant which is located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York. The restaurant and bar offers a wide range of dishes for the customer and it is also well known among critics to have some very special combinations which can only be found here. The menus here are created keeping in mind the vegetarians too and it has a special 6 course dedicated menu for that.


7. Alinea:

This restaurant is in Illinois Chicago and is one of the most well known restaurants to food critics. Owned and run by Chef Grant Achatz since it was opened in 2005, it has a reputation for offering unique yet simple classical flavors. It is known to offer a very refined dining experience in all areas of its 18 course meals.

6. Osteria Francescana:

The Italians know their food well and this restaurant in Modena Italy shows it very well. The design and the food is inspired by art as it exists today and many of its dishes are nothing short of a work of art in their own right. Chef Massimo Bottura puts in a lot of focus on creativity in creating the food not just internally but also visually.

5. Mugaritz:

This is the second restaurant in the city of San Sebastian in Spain that is on the top ten lists for the best restaurants of the world. The 16 piece tasting menu is one of the finest in the world and the combinations offered here are known to be amongst the most exquisite available anywhere today.

4. El Celler de Can Roca:

Another Spanish restaurant, this one falls in Girona and was opened up in 1989 by a family of three chef brothers. A Three star rating given to this restaurant by Michelin rating systems, this is a themed restaurant that offers customers the five wine regions of the world as a theme for dining. The brothers led by head chef Joan Roca run the family business very close to their old restaurant even today.

3. The Fat Duck:

This restaurant falls in Brey, in Berkshire in England. It is known for being an unusual yet a great place to dine in. Known to critics and lovers for its unusual menus it is a restaurant that has received acclaim from all over the world. Heston Bluementhal is the chef of this restaurant and he takes great pride and dedication to his work. It is one of the few restaurants to have scored a perfect critic score.

2. El Bulli:

Located in the Spanish town of Roses in Catalonia Spain, this restaurant is known to be among the most innovative in the world in terms of the cuisine offered. Also a very exclusive restaurant this restaurant was started as early as 1961 and has been on the worldwide lists for the best restaurants for a record number of times. A number of books have also been published on the restaurant and the information shared has helped create many restaurants around the world, Head chef Ferran Adria takes great pride in his work.


1. Noma:

Noma is a combination word that comes from two Nordic words that mean Nordic Food. Located in Copenhagen in Denmark, the cuisine offered here is heavenly to say the very least. A grand selection of Nordic delicacies that are offered here are a delight to critics and lovers alike. This restaurant was started off in 2004 and has since then rocked the top ten restaurants in the world list.