Top 10 Research Institutes In India

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 4:39 pm


In this age of fast lives and actions where education is always given top priority. However, education, to most people, means nothing but a license to get hold of a good job in some MNC; still, there are few people who pursues higher education for the wonder and love of it, and goes on to carry on further research on their respective subjects.

Here we have tried to list a few top-class research institutes in India, which rank above most other foreign institutions—

10. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Located at Colaba in Mumbai, TIFR is regarded as one of the best research institutes in the world which conducts quality scientific research. There are three major “schools” in the institution—Mathematics, Technology and Computer Science and Natural Sciences. Under the latter, they have got a vast array of departments like astronomy and astrophysics, biological sciences, chemical sciences, condensed matter physics and material sciences, high energy physics, theoretical physics, and nuclear and atomic physics departments. Backed by eminent professors and guest faculties from around the world, TIFR is the first choice to many PhD aspirants. The institute runs a PhD program and an integrated M.Sc. and PhD degree course along with a M.Sc. in few disciplines. The entry is through an entrance test.



9. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Another “Science” institute offering innovative scientific research courses in India, the IISB is often regarded as the best in this field. The institute has five broad departments under which it offers innumerable fields of research. The five broad departments are—Division of Biological Sciences, Division of Chemical Sciences, Division of Electrical Sciences, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and Division of Mechanical Sciences. This institute offers under graduate and post graduate courses as well though it is more famous for the variety of scientific research it conducts. The entrance for both PhD and integrated PhD courses are done through an aptitude test followed by an interview.



8. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, is a Government institute and one of its kinds in India and offers an array of research courses in the field of medical sciences. From under graduate and post graduate courses to PhD, DM and other allied research courses are conducted by the institution. The candidates intending to pursue research in any field of medical sciences are welcome provided they sit for an entrance exam followed by a rigorous interview schedule.



7. Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

Medical Sciences have seen a lot of progress in India, thanks to the great research institutes in here. One of such good institutes which provide quality research in the field of medical sciences is the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. Located in Chandigarh, the PGIMER conducts a host of research courses among which a number of departments are backed by the WHO. Some of those departments include—Clinical Research in Human Reproduction, Mental Health Centre, Quality Control in Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, Clinical Parasitology, Blood Transfusion and Haematology, and the Department of Pulmonary medicine- “WHO Collaborating Center for Research and Capacity Building in Chronic Respiratory Disease”. The entrance to this institution as students is moderated by an MCQ-type aptitude test followed by a P.I. round.



6. Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly

Now, let us turn our attention to the institute which has been conducting research along with some of the world’s greatest veterinary scientists and producing some of the eminent veterinary doctors and scientists. The institute conducts research in about 20 distinct disciplines and for seeking admissions, the candidate needs to have B.V.Sc and AH with a Master’s degree in the respective disciplines. The entrance is again based on an interview for those candidates who have been selected through a screening test.




5. Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

Being an agrarian country, India was always in need for some agricultural research institute which would instill modernity in the age-old profession of farming and agriculture. Located in Pusa, New Delhi, the IARI conducts research on a variety of disciplines all which are intrinsically tied to the scientific welfare of agriculture and farming in India. To encourage students from all kinds of social background to conduct researches in this area, the institute also offers an array of scholarships and fellowships to choose from.



4. National Film Archive of India, Pune

That research can be conducted in fields outside the traditional science of art streams are quite known today—and preferred by many too. The Government of India, understanding the people’s interest in Cinema and taking the rich heritage of Indian Cinema forward, has started offering research programs on Indian films in the NFAI, Pune. If you’re intending to conduct a research on any aspect or theme relating to the history of Indian film and cinema, then this is your place. You can also conduct a research to create monographs of personalities in Indian cinema—the institute pays pretty well to conduct researches on the same. There’s no entrance test whatsoever, but the proposal to your thesis must be strong enough to speak for your capability.



3. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

If you want to pursue research in the most modern and competitive field of media and communication in India, then there can never be a better place than IIMC. It is a Government institution located in the JNU campus, New Delhi and allows research to be conducted on a variety of fields associated with media and communication. For entrance, the candidate would need to get in touch with any of the faculty members and send a proposal of the thesis.



2. Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

The TISS, located in Mumbai, is one of the best in business when in comes to conducting research in social sciences. They offer an array of research programs—from Mphil to integrated Mphil to PhD and Integrated PhD programs—in various disciplines. The major centers that the Institute houses are School for Education, School for Development Studies, School for Habitat Studies, School for Health System Studies, School for Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance, School for Management and Labor Studies, School for Media and Cultural Studies, and School for Social Work; under these broad groups, you’re sure to find your field of research. The entrance is through an aptitude test followed by an interview.



1. Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata

Located in Kolkata and affiliated to Jadavpur University, the institute has been conducting quality research in areas related to social sciences and is widely regarded as the best in India. The institute conducts interdisciplinary researches and its course of study have been divided into 6 broad groups—economics, development studies, cultural studies, geography, history and political science. Any student with a Masters degree in social sciences or the allied subjects is allowed to conduct research here provided they have cleared the entrance test and the personal interviews. The institute is renowned worldwide for the array of interdisciplinary researches it conducts.