9 Reasons Why You Should Work From Home

9:30 am 4 Sep, 2018


When you work from home, then that is definitely a pleasure. Though there are some minuses too, still people who opted for it, either by choice or compulsion, look happy and content. Especially, it’s a boon for married women who juggle with demands of career and family. Apart from the convenience it offers, it also adds volume to your wallet, saving on various hidden costs, which incurs as you head for work.

Working from home provides you with a host of opportunities. You are your own boss like any entrepreneur. Still, do your home-work, before opting for it you should know the reasons why you should work from home.


1. Flexibility


The flexibility of working at the right time, mood or preferences not only makes you happy and content, it also increases the productivity. You can choose your work-station, the proper lighting, temperature setting et al. You can even have a bowl of fruit salad in between, which will keep you full and fresh. Basically you work in a framework which suits you the most and you’re amazingly efficient.



2. Proximity to home and family


There are several people who are so much addicted to their home and family that they cannot even think of working on full time-basis. Obviously, one cannot deny that the convenience of being at home and the physical proximity to family is not comforting. Of course, they are! If you have small kids or aging parents, then it becomes more meaningful to work from home.



3. Less stress


Commuting in wayward traffic only adds to the stress level. An environment of exhausted and worn-out employees is, suffice to say, counter-productive. This is absolutely true, especially where the workplace is remotely located. There are other stresses which include working in presence of interfering boss, unfriendly colleagues, unhygienic environment and the likes.


Less stress - Reasons Why You Should Work From Home


4. Quiet environment


The quiet environment of home helps us reinforce creative ideas, which enhance both the quality and quantity of work. It tremendously affects the output of the working professionals.



5. Less expenditure



When you go to office for work, you face various hidden costs, in terms of to-and-fro commutation, professional attire, paying for overpriced meals, occasional office parties, and also some unwanted expenses at home like paying for nanny etc. Working from home reduces all these hidden costs, and makes your pay packet more effective.


Less expenditure - Reasons Why You Should Work From Home


6. Less distraction


There are several distractions in the office like uncalled meetings; fixed tea-coffee breaks, etc. So, if you are sealed off in your own space at home, you feel safe and comfortable to entirely focus on your work, as you do not have to put any barricades.



7. Productivity


Research has shown that the comfort zone of home makes you more productive and provides you some kind of control. Away from the distractions, and the noise of a typical office environment, you can put yourself completely into work and finish your tasks in much less time than your counterparts in office cubicles.



8. Good health


Commuting daily for an average of 1-3 hours a day, combined with canteen food, office stress, is definitely going to take a heavy toll on our physical and mental health. You can keep these uncalled stresses at bay, by opting to work from home. You can utilize that saved “commuting time,” in burning those extra kilos at a gym or you can even go for a long walk. A smart way of living!



9. Work-life balance


Maintaining the work-life balance is everyone’s desire but few do anything substantial to achieve it. It is in everyone’s wish-list, especially in the technology-era, when we can get the hands-on support of little gizmos like laptop and mobile to help link home and office beautifully. The added bonus of time, the good food of home, and the presence of your family will ensure that you achieve a perfect harmony of the much elusive work-life balance.