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Top 10 Reasons Why We Need a Social Revolution

Published on 22 June, 2013 at 8:36 am By

We have studied this quotation by Aristotle, way back in high school, “Man is a social animal.” Whether we like it or not, we have to live in a society that abides by some rules and regulations. When we want to change the way we live in a society, the process of change is revolution. The big question is why we need a social revolution? Social scientist Theda Skocpol has defined social revolution in a much better way, “Revolution is not something that is created by political elites, but rather by ordinary people when they change the way they think and live.” As per India’s population data, almost half of the country’s population is young. So the perceived thought process of the country should be young. Why, then, are we still recognized as a third-world country? Even after sixty five years of independence, the country has not improved much. Focusing on the problem areas, we present a list of top 10 reasons on why we need a social revolution.

10. Leadership Crisis:

We want a social revolution when society, en masse, is upset and desperately wants a change. It is not just a matter of one government; people have become intolerant of futile leadership. Politicians should take responsibility for what is happening in their own backyard. The political revolution is also a kind of social revolution. We, the people are desperately looking for a vibrant leader who will go aboard and reinforce our system.

Leadership Crisis

9. Inadequate infrastructure:


People feel frustrated when they do not get essential amenities like food, clothes and shelter. Dreaming about tube trains, subways and metros is a sin when we lack majorly on basic infrastructural facilities like simple connecting roads, dams or over-bridges.

Inadequate infrastructure

8. Social security:

We hear of abuses like rape, murder, violence, kidnapping and other heinous crimes every day. The public’s outraged now. Enough is enough; it is time to wake up now, to take action, to enact stronger laws and build a safe society for everyone. This is why the social revolution that appears to be in its nascent stage must be intensified.

Social security

7. Child welfare:

Even when there is a prevailing ban on child labor, only a handful of conscious people take notice of it. Because of the perished state in their own homeland, young children are forced to take other routes; some are even getting trafficked to foreign destinations. According to data released by UNICEF, one in every three malnourished children on earth is from India, whereas 42 percent of India’s children under five years of age have been found to be underweight. Such a shame!

Child welfare

6. Women empowerment:

It is said that women are being worshipped here though the naked reality is that they are those fragile individuals who struggle for their survival every day. The safety of female fraternity is always challenged irrespective of their habitat or social stratum. The girl child should be more encouraged, as they go on becoming a nurturer in their later life. There should be a balancing act of both the gender, which can be achieved through educating them.

Women empowerment

5. Restructuring of education:

Education is everyone’s birthright and we need a social revolution to ensure that it is given to all. We should introduce technical or skill-based education at an early stage, what some really progressive countries have adapted for long. There is absolutely no need for higher education, if it is not contributing towards nation’s development in some way or the other.

Restructuring of education

4. Unemployment:

When society as a whole is dissatisfied with increasing unemployment, disheartened people can resort to revolt. Creative brains can be provoked to be indulged in other demeaning activities, since immature minds can be made soft targets.


3. Law and order:


We do not get to see proper law and order in our country. Doing petty crimes and getting away with it, is easy for wrong-doers in India. Even those who are caught in big scandals, they freely hang around, in the absence of strict statute. Criminals do not seem to be afraid of punishments, which is not a good sign.

Law and order

2. Eradication of poverty:

One of the most important reasons why we need a social revolution in India is because of its glaring poverty. The country is home to the world’s poorest of poor; it accounts for one-third of the global poor, i.e. 400 million. Looking at current economic trends, some forecast that it may become a highly imbalanced economy in the future, as the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Scores of people die of hunger and other poverty-related issues.

Eradication of poverty

1. Discrimination:


Everyone should get fair share of respect and recognition as an individual. The thumb rule is: they should be regarded irrespective of caste, creed, color and income. There should be a uniformity of law and services for all. Then there are fewer chances of dissatisfaction and clashes among individuals, as they enjoy similar status in society. Some of the provocative causes of dissatisfaction prevailing in society are a result of social discrimination, which is why we need a social revolution.



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