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Top 10 Reasons Why We Miss the 90s Shah Rukh Khan

Updated on 20 May, 2013 at 11:27 am By

I can still recollect my teenage days, when I happened to see the movie Deewana, along with my family. It was amazing to see the audience reaction, that too, for an average-looking newcomer. But it was just the beginning; the success story of Shah Rukh Khan unfolded much later. In 1993, Khan was admired for his portrayal of negative roles – that of an obsessive lover and a murderer, in the box office hits Darr and Baazigar. Film critics have analyzed that he defied the image of the conventional hero in both these films. Until the late 90s, his films never had the typical Bollywood formula. SRK, as he is fondly called, continued giving hits after hits. But if Khan’s reign through the 1990s went by and large unchallenged, his aura began to fade with the arrival of new stars and his own poor choice of films. Shah Rukh’s fans started missing his glory days. Here are our top 10 reasons why we miss the 90s Shah Rukh Khan.

10. Declining energy level:

Shah Rukh Khan carried and spread a lot of energy around him during the 90s. It’s that energy which kept him going and it can be felt through the intense and passionate scenes he did in the films. With time, he has slowed down and we miss that lightning energy which used to charm us.

Declining energy level

9. Audience taste:


Though the career of actors is short-lived, SRK has spent more than two decades in the Hindi film industry. Youngsters of the 21st century love metrosexual characters. They are fast-paced and a single set of formula don’t appeal to them. They want variety, not repetitive dose of candy floss romance which Shah Rukh Khan has been churning out since his Kuch Kuch Hota Hai days.

Audience taste

8. Different ventures:

Khan bought a cricket team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). It diverted his attention from films and consumed much of his time. He’s significantly associated with the advertising world, too. Being the brand ambassador of several products, he had to adjust his timings, prioritize his work and compromise on film assignments.

Different ventures

7. Director’s actor:

SRK couldn’t become any director’s actor. Whatever be the reason, it may be that he didn’t get any opportunity to work with critically-acclaimed eminent directors or maybe he never wanted to distract himself from the commercial films.

Director’s actor

6. Negative publicity:

Khan has been much publicized in past years and that too, for no good reasons. He’s having a long-time tiff with actor Salman Khan, everyone’s aware of that. Apart from that, the face-off with police personnel in a cricket stadium, and the famous slap-gate with director Sirish Kunder at a party, contributed to his falling reputation. Such tussles do affect stardom in the long run.

Negative publicity

5. Age:

Everyone surrenders before age. We can’t beat it. Someone, who’s slogged, reigned and even won a million hearts, too has to lay down his arms before age. We can pretend to extend it but we should not try to defeat it. Shah Rukh Khan stretched it as long as he could and continues to do so. At age 47, he plays a 28-year-old character like he did in Yash Chopra’s last film. This becomes unacceptable especially when the horizon of the audiences is broadening.


4. Injuries:

While King Khan is known for his several intense or romantic roles, the physical demands of his job have taken a heavy toll on his body. He has had several injuries in his acting career. In spite of being black-and-blue, SRK kept his acting ball rolling but his injuries have forced him to take lesser risks which means the reduction of an actor’s range.


3. Saturation of Brand Shah Rukh Khan:


We can say the Brand Shah Rukh Khan is going through the third phase, i.e. the maturity phase of life cycle. He’s enjoyed the past two phases and reaped heavily. Being known as a Brand and being known as an actor are two different things. An actor who becomes a brand name will evidently not be able to concentrate on his acting career.

Saturation of Brand Shah Rukh Khan

2. Workaholic:

Khan is known for his extremely workaholic nature. He works day and night, rigorously. Everyone – from his fans to colleagues to friends – knows that. But there is a limit to that nature; it cannot be stretched beyond that. The work-life imbalances have taken a heavy toll on his career. SRK no longer entertains us the way he did in the 1990s.


1. His violent-romantic side and experimentation:


Shah Rukh Khan is an incurably romantic actor with strong emotional appeal. He has a huge fan following and is weirdly popular among his female fans. He is quite adaptable with the Yash Chopra genre of romance as he made a mark through Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – the film that actually cemented his mettle in Bollywood. No doubt, he’s proved himself as a good actor, who holds enormous star-value. Still, he didn’t experiment with his acting abilities, which is why he is often derided by critics.

His violent-romantic side and experimentation


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