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Top 10 Reasons Why People Use Drugs

Published on 10 July, 2013 at 10:33 am By

Humans are born with an inherent instinct of being happy at any cost, but where it disappears as we grow though infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, one does not know. Ask people why the hell they dope, intoxicate themselves with lethal psychotropic drugs, stimulants, hallucinogens like cocaine, heroin, Methamphetamine, smack, hashish, Amphetamines, Phencyclidine (PCP) and don’t know how many types of drugs for which they have developed variety of methods to get them into the blood, the response mostly is to drown prevailing harsh realities with drug induced ecstasies.  There got to be reasons for it. A life of taking to drugs is akin to Christopher Marlow’s Doctor Faustus, where the scholar Faustus sells his soul to the devil for momentary pleasure.  Here, listed out by mental health researchers, we put together top 10 reasons that justify why people use drugs.

10. Low Self Esteem & Social Rebelliousness:

Those who feel they are not able to face social-gatherings confidently, suffering from some inferiority complexes, or get nervous at times, do attempt to boost their egos by drug usage. That’s because most of the drugs induce numbness. Complexes are all about thinking what others are thinking about you, but when you are stoned, external stimulants from surroundings are less perceived. It’s like feeling alone amidst the crowd. Such personality traits are also referred to as a cause behind using drugs. Too much negative feedback does turn one rebelliousness towards society and the best source to take refuge in such instances appears to be drugs.

Low Self Esteem & Social Rebelliousness

9. Stress from Peers and Society:


Every individual is what he has learned from the society and friends around. We learn to always go for socially excepted norms, from standards and ways to fix in society. As an adolescent, we have a lot of peer pressure, to follow what others are doing to get their support. The curiosity to explore drugs or dopes adds to the pressure from friends and classmates in case of adolescents. It’s a most often reported cause of diverting people into drug abuse. People join others just to mix into the crowd in raves, parties etc.

Stress from Peers and Society

8. Addictive Family History:

Prolonged history of substance use by parents is another factor that has been associated with genetic inclination towards drugs shown by their children. Then it’s become a hereditary transfer in some cases.

Addictive Family History

7. Instant Relaxation from Stress:

Dopes, cannabis or hashish are reputed to provide instantaneous relaxation even under extremely stressful professional, personal and upwardly fast paced social lifestyle conditions. Cannabis grows naturally and isn’t a geographically limited plant. That makes it easily available. User feels the effect within 3-5 minutes after smoking it. In some cases, opium is used to enhance the physical strength and more concentration. However, the effect is temporary and isn’t a permanent cure. It’s starts out with just a little trip to joy land and often ends with harmful addiction.

Instant Relaxation from Stress

6. Curiosity and Exposure:

Adolescence is a period of much curiosity and teens find pleasure in exploring alien experiences and perceptions. Sexuality is one of the biggest curiosities during adolescence, but drugs comes second on the priority list. Is most Indian films, the villain is the one who mostly is a smoker, drinks, dopes and does crazy stuff to portray the dark character. Easily attracted to dark shade characters, film going kids out of curiosity tend to take up smoking or drinking early in life that becomes a stepping stone to a trying out more powerful mind altering drugs.  Early exposure to drugs is one of the main reasons for addiction.

Curiosity and Exposure

5. To Enhance Sensual Perceptions:

As part of rituals among African tribes wild mushrooms are used to connect to spirits and higher powers in some areas and history has recorded the effect drugs on senses. Subjects of various studies have been documented by researchers to have shown a boost or enhancement in the visual and hearing senses. The perception of music or colors achieves higher intensity, which is obviously amazing experience for anyone. The drugs also have an effect of oneness with the people around, and expose individuals to experiences which were otherwise absent in the normal reality. People seek altered state of mind where mediating is an arduous and long route journey that many tend to circumvent by taking psychoactive drugs.

To Enhance Sensual Perceptions

4. Withdrawal Symptoms:

People undergoing psychiatric treatments for some mental illness like bipolar mood swings and anxiety, are often prescribed treatment drugs that on a prolonged use tend to become addictive over a period of time usage.  In such cases, a person who tries to get rid of pills finds it hard to do without them.  Withdrawal symptoms cause physical tensions and bring about a high craving for some drug or its substitute and the victim ends up shifting usage from one substance to other, ending up trapped in cycle. So in a manner, withdrawal symptoms also weaken the will power of any addict person. This is another major reason, why people suffering from disorders need drugs regularly.

Withdrawal Symptoms

3. Stimulants for Fun & Pleasure:


This category of users belongs to fun seekers, who want to enhance their senses for more pleasure, which could be physical or subjective. People even experiment with them to get rid of boredom. Once they have experienced a drug induced joyous state of mind, then they begin to chase the mirage again and again to make it permanent, which is not possible without consuming the same substance or any other having same stimulation. That ends in addiction after a prolonged use.

Stimulants for Fun & Pleasure

2. Mental Disorders:

People suffering from mental disorders, like depression and anxiety, are more often attracted to psychoactive drugs. Stimulants like cocaine, amphetamine and other hallucinogens give a boost to moods and help patients escape the reality in which they do not feel comfortable. The state of euphoria means a lot for a person suffering from acute depression. After all, humans will do anything to run away from sadness and abnormality.

Mental Disorders

1. Childhood Trauma:


A pile load of studies and findings confirms that people with a traumatic childhood are more inclined to take to drugs to overcome the embarrassment and painful memories accumulated as a kid. Sexual abuse, mistreatment, an extremely strict environment, parental divorces, death of loved ones, negligence from parents, are some of the causes associated with childhood trauma and not surprisingly they are one of the major causes behind why people use drugs.

Childhood Trauma


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