Top 10 Reasons why People are Rejecting iPhone 5

12:00 pm 5 Feb, 2013


The idea of owning an iPhone is great one no doubt but there are factors that go against it especially with the iPhone 5. There are several issues with the iOS 6 that has prevented a user from making such a huge investment on a phone which hardly does any justice to its ancestry. For those that already own an iPhone 4 or 4S, the software update is available free of cost so there is really no need for a switch. Those who own Android-based smartphones have better or the same features available at affordable prices, and hence do not need to go for an iPhone 5. Further, here are Top 10 reasons why people are rejecting iPhone 5, an over hyped product from Apple.

10. Variances:

Weird bugs or design are a major issue with iPhone 5. Problems with messaging, photos, data network, Wi-Fi connectivity, speaker holes (10 on the left of the new Lightning port and 14 on the right) often take the fun out of owning an iPhone. These are things that do not make the iPhone 5 experience a particularly fascinating one.

Variances from previous versions is a big reason for people for rejecting iPhone 5

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9. Siri:

Apple has been known for its exceptional iOS software lineup but with iPhone 5 this belief seems to have dwindled. In fact, iPhone 5, being the latest offering from Apple, was expected to have upgraded and improved features. But, that is not the case as Siri more often than not fails to decipher accents and still seems to be a product available for beta testing. It is highly unacceptable for an Apple product.


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8. Podcasts:

It is one of the other applications which bring down the worth of Apple iPhone 5. This app fails to remember which podcasts are played and which are new. It deletes episodes at random, fails to load more often than not and, when set to stop downloading files in the background on 3G, would still continue doing it including those podcasts that have been previously marked as ‘listened to’.


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7. Better speakers:


Since the young tech savvy generation is the section of consumers that is by and large responsible for the boom in the smartphone market, not having a great speaker is actually a major cause for concern. When there are devices that offer better sound quality and better speakers – a necessity these days – the charm of an iPhone 5 in this department fails to work any magic.

People are Rejecting iPhone 5 for the lack of good speakers

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6. Expandable memory:

The iPhone 5 does not provide expandable memory. So inspite of paying a huge amount of money for purchasing one of these, one would end up with a phone that offers no scope for that much needed data storage. The other smartphones, however, provide the choice of expanding memory, and that too, at lower prices.

Lack of expandable memory is one of the biggest reasons for rejecting iPhone5

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5. Maps:

The iOS 6 has a horrible app for Map; it could well be safe to say that it doesn’t have one at all. With towns missing, long-defunct train stations inexplicably revived and relocated, the iPhone 5 fails miserably in providing a feature that was perhaps one of the most important reasons of the popularity of iPhone.


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4. Price of interconnects:

Apple in its effort to ensure that old accessories work with iPhone 5, has designed a number of interconnects. But the fact is that these interconnects are not easy on the purse. So, not only is the phone expensive but in order to make it compatible to old accessories, several interconnects need to be purchased. This does go a long way in making the Apple iPhone 5 less attractive to customers.

Expensive interconnects is one of the biggest reason for rejecting iPhone5

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3. Not compatible to all 4G frequencies:

While a lot of noise has been made about iPhone 5’s 1,800Mhz 4G/LTE support, the truth is that not all carriers support this particular 4G frequency. While a user might dish out money with the hope of enjoying 4G connectivity, what actually happens is that they are unable to realize its full potential because their mobile carriers do not offer 4G services.

Not compatible to all 4G frequencies

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2. Features bottlenecks:

Some say that Android phones provide more features at affordable rates to users than iPhone 5 would. Those with already existing iPhones would rather go for a software update then a complete hardware change. And users with Android phones wouldn’t want to go through the switching experience when the features are not really as lucrative as they already enjoy.

Features bottlenecks

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1. Cost:


The cost of an iPhone 5 is not really conducive to affect the existing android users to switch to this new offering from Apple. Priced at around 45,000 Indian Rupees, the iPhone 5 doesn’t really excite the buyers to dish out such huge amount of money. The existing android users would certainly not switch at such high prices when they have phones which offer almost the same, if not better, experience at lower rates.

The high cost is responsible for rejecting iPhone 5

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