Top 10 Reasons Why One Should Avoid Getting Married

10:00 am 12 Mar, 2013

So, everyone is getting married and you, too, want to jump into the abyss. But is it a necessity. For a minute suppose if the society would not have instituted marriage as a necessity, would you still give it the same importance? In the ancient times, marriage was devised as an honorable institution that united two souls into holy matrimony in the eyes of entire town, family, God and the priest. Remove the priest, and all others would still know if two people love each other or not. There are many side effects of getting married as well. And, if you’re looking for some of them because you can’t really figure out, here’s a list of the top 10 reasons why one shouldn’t get married.

10. Fighting over everything becomes a reflex action:

It’s hard to come across a couple who doesn’t fight. Your parents fight; your friend and his wife fight; your neighbor and his wife fight; and, every married couple fights. We salivate when we see food, and maybe a battlefield comes to minds when married couples see each other. Who’ll make the bed? Who’ll teach the kids, whose parents are better, who’s more intelligent, where to go for holiday, why spend less, and such other questions get on their nerves. And, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Fighting over everything becomes a reflex action

9. Marriages may or may not be ridiculously expensive:

Sometimes, and it’s rare that you truly come across the person you can happily spend the rest of your life with. And, yet, marriage is not such a good idea. According to the movies and the TV, you know marriages have to be gaudy and stylish. Why spend all that money for a social stamp? And, even when your parents propose to take up the expense, why make them paupers? Some of you may argue there’s the option of court marriage. But, then again how can you not throw a party for all your beloved friends and family? That will be rude.

Marriages may or may not be ridiculously expensive - Reasons Why One Should Avoid Getting Married

8. Nothing remains ‘mine’ everything is ‘ours’:

Sharing is caring; this is only something that lasts a few days before the marriage. Once you start sharing all the time, it’s becomes a nightmare. Everything good is “ours” and everything bad is “yours”. No matter how much you want certain things to be exclusive, there is no such things called “mine”. Heartbreaking and desolate, this is the eventual truth of marriage.

Nothing remains ‘mine’ everything is ‘ours’

7. You don’t wish to socially stamp your love:

Love before marriage is always different than love after marriage. The beautiful time lies on side you’ll leave behind, and the ugly would begin as you step over. So why get married? Why not be remain on the brighter side forever? The existence and non-existence of love does not need a stamp, and if you and your partner can live happy in such bliss, why swap the image? Loving each other is far more important than getting married.

You don’t wish to socially stamp your love - Reasons Why One Should Avoid Getting Married

6. The good manners are lost after marriage:

All those good manners that exist till before marriage are suddenly lost when couples start living together. Whether it is farting out loud, burping often, or even sneezing loudly without covering the mouth; it’s all a common phenomenon. One peculiar thing about men is that they usually do not remove their shoes outside the room, and always throw stinky socks all over the place. Women fight for washing everything, while men fight to save everything from being washed to disappearance.

The good manners are lost after marriage

5. Marriage means end of the risk taking life:

Marriage means your life becomes other people’s property. You can no longer think of doing all the crazy stuff or things that come with a certain risk. Sometimes risks work, while at others they may knock you down. It’s all good till the time you’re the only person suffering from such setbacks. Once the life of another person becomes your responsibility, every move you make has to be carefully taken. Taking risks after marriage only means playing with someone else’s life. You wouldn’t want that, right?

Marriage means end of the risk taking life - Reasons Why One Should Avoid Getting Married

4. Compromises are the biggest side effects of marriages:

Living life fully before the final sleep is not a dream if you’re not married. Accomplishing it all is not possible when you’re always trying to spend half the time pleasing your other half. While most men want to go for something wild like white water rafting, women may want to read the latest Nicholas Sparks novel and cry their hearts out. Imagine not doing what you want, but half the time asking for compromise, and the rest half spent in making them? It’s more bizarre than it sounds.

Compromises are the biggest side effects of marriages

3. It’s the end of the charm of being spontaneous:

Married life is always about planning in advance, and then cancelling those plans at the last minute. But, spontaneity is a blessing for those not married. There is nothing like “we’ll do that soon”; it’s always like “let’s do it now”. Whether it’s going for a walk after midnight, or simply waking up and leaving for a random destination, you do it all with pleasure when you’re not married.

It’s the end of the charm of being spontaneous - Reasons Why One Should Avoid Getting Married

2. Breaking up is harder; it’s legal and expensive:

Don’t even think of marriage if you’re not sure you’d be able to love your partner for an eternity. When you’re dating, breaking up is rather easy. Take your partner to a quiet corner, and tell them it’s over. Now think about the break up after marriage. They call it “divorce”, which means you have to pay the legal fee and you may be entitled to pay alimony. The picture becomes uglier and more dramatic when your families get involved.

Breaking up is harder; it’s legal and expensive

1. The bitching and whining hardens people:

The constant presence of two people in each other’s life can be painful. Low income; lack of finances; getting a bigger apartment; family planning; it’s all a matter of endless debates. Some say that getting married keeps you healthier and free from illness. Maybe this is because after whining everyday you become so hard, you automatically become resistant to illness and disease. Bitching becomes pleasurable, while whining an aftermath.

The bitching and whining hardens people - Reasons Why One Should Avoid Getting Married

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