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Top 10 Reasons Why Atheism is Just Another Religion

Published on 13 February, 2013 at 12:00 pm By

Atheists are people who believe that there is no God, and also deny the existence of any supernatural power that guides mankind. But atheists, too, have faith. They vest their faith in human ability and accept only that, which is supported by scientific evidence. They are equally moralistic, and they do believe in compassion and love. So, other than the denial of the divine, there is hardly much difference between a theist and an atheist. Read below to find out the top 10 reasons why atheism is just another religion.

10. Evolution of the Universe:

Every global religion around the world has its own stories about the where the Universe came from. Many call this to be the ‘Narratives’ of religions. Just like these religions, even atheists almost piously believe in the Darwin’s theory of evolution. This theory is a scientific explanation of where everything came from. Humans evolved from the non-human creatures and so humanity’s place in the vast cosmos of things is just another species of animals on Earth.

Evolution of the Universe

9. The ultimate purpose is to be happy:


Many people claim that after denouncing religion they feel more liberated and happy. In the true sense, the purpose of every religion is to teach us how to be happy. Atheists believe that by removing the illusion of happiness by removing religion from their lives, they become free from the tensions of the afterlife and sufferings. This, when looked at through a clear lens, is but a true religious experience when the mind and the body are free from the worries that don’t really seem to exits.

In atheism the ultimate purpose is to be happy

8. Atheists require faith:

While religious faith implies having belief in the existence of God, and accepting God’s will, an atheist’s faith lies in human abilities and their achievements. Atheists will go with theories in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics, factually deciphering every aspect. Their faith lies in the verification of what exists and the possibilities of what can exist in the future. Faith in the future is like hope, and whether religious or an atheist, somewhere we all live by it.

Atheists require faith

7. Atheists and morality:

Religion or no religion, we all like living by certain codes of moral conduct, like helping one another, not harming people or the environment, telling the truth, thinking progressively, having compassion or loving people around us. All these moral stances come to religious people from their Gods; to the Atheist, they from the virtue of reason. For the religious people, morals have been formulated by God, whereas for the Atheists, morals come from the wise. But, at the end of it all, it’s about the same code of conduct they both follow.

Atheism and Morality

6. We all want to be good:

When atheism gained popularity during the 18th and the 19th century, many proponents realized the effects the lack of belief in God could have over the moral setup of the society, and therefore, a set of beliefs and goals for the seculars of the 20th century. This set of belief came to be called, Secular Humanism. The underlying proposition was that humans are basically good. This is exactly what most religions of the world too believe in – the goodness of mankind.

We all want to be good

5. Rituals and celebrations:

One integral feature of religion is performing various rituals, and celebrating special occasions. From birthdays and anniversaries, to festivals like Christmas, there is a ritual for celebrating each of these occasions. And, even when most Atheists keep themselves away from these social ceremonies, it is becoming a popular ritual for them to celebrate and commemorate the birthday of their most beloved hero, Darwin, every year in the month of February.

Celebrations and Rituals

4. Nature and its elements are sacred to the Atheists:

While all religions of the world tell us to respect the Mother Nature and keep it protected against any harm, many atheists, too, believe in the mighty power of nature. Elements like the Sun and Moon, which are visible as constants and without which life would turn upside down, are revered by many. Of course, there a few who believe that natural resources are ours to exploit, they still hold that life in any form is sacred and should not be left to destruction.

Nature and its elements are sacred in Atheism

3. Atheism is religion minus dogmas:


What most atheists hold against religion is not only the existence of God they’ve never seen but also of all the dogmas people practice. Religious people follow dogmas without thinking and are taught not to question the claims made by God, or their scriptures. Atheists, on the other hand, are more inquisitive about the scientific reason behind the existence of everything. They accept all that is moral, ethical, and supported by evidence.

Atheism is religion minus dogmas

2. Atheism is religion with progress:

Religion is sometimes considered by many as contradictory. On the one hand they propagate progress, while on the other hand they hinder the progress of the society through dictated dogmas, which are no longer relevant to the present times. Deduct the dogmas from religion and talk about progress, and it is the idea of Atheism. It was due to religion that Galileo Galiliei was killed. While religion said that the Earth is immovable, Galileo taught that the Earth revolves around the sun.

Atheist and Progress

1. Atheism is religion with science and common sense:


Religion or no religion, the modern world survives on the basics of common sense and logic. Religious followers are like mixed breed of people, who practice dogmas, and perform rituals and ceremonies that religion prescribes, and yet when it comes to survival and progress they work by logic. Atheists are people, who denounce the existence of the supernatural, and participation in rituals, but definitely work towards moralistic, ethical and scientific progress equating them with the ideals of major religions.

Atheism is religion with progress


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