Top 10 reasons to travel around the world

10:54 am 25 Feb, 2012

Traveling is among the greatest joys in life. A traveler is a citizen of the world and goes wherever the journey takes him/her. Traveling around the world is one of the greatest dreams that a traveler can conceive. It is an adventure among all adventures to set foot on all the different lands of this wonderful planet. Our earth is indeed a wonderful and vast place which we should learn to appreciate and respect; traveling is one of the best ways to do that. It is the ultimate release that no other thing can give to a human soul; it is also the best profession in the world in many ways. Traveling does not always have to be luxurious and planned, a person traveling around the world can go anywhere he/she pleases. Let us look at some other reasons to travel around the world.

10. To see the world as it exists:

To see the world as it exists in all its beauty and diversity is a dream among dreams that only a few people can dare fulfill. Traveling around the world will show a person the true image of our world and its inhabitants. Despite of the war and the suffering that exists in our world, it is still a very beautiful place and there are good and bad people everywhere. To be able to see that all people around the world are one and the same is an honor and a privilege at the same time.

9. Quelling the adventurer’s spirit:

The adventurer’s spirit has always remained in the heart of humanity. Since ancient times, mankind has been on a gargantuan adventure and what better way to sum up one’s short adventure than by seeing the world. The uncertainty of traveling around the world is also an adventure in itself that should be experienced.

8. Reflection of the self:

Traveling helps people reflect on what they are in many ways. It helps people look into their own inner self. When a person travels, he/she is free from the malice and worry that surrounds us when we are engaged in our everyday struggles of bread and wine.

7. Food from all over the world:

Food is a basic requirement for every living being on this planet. Traveling around the world will give a person the opportunity to taste different foods from all around the world. The wonderful ways in which a human celebrates its daily toil is not always appreciated by most people and traveling is the only true way to do that.

6. Manmade wonders:

Man has erected many great monuments and built many great civilizations. To sit by the pyramids of Egypt at sunset, to look in wonder at the Taj Mahal, to walk along the Great Wall of China and to stand on top of the Eiffel tower is surely a dream among dreams for any person.

5. Natural wonders:

The earth is also full of natural wonders that are worth seeing in a lifetime. Starting from the Arctic tundra, the deserts of Africa, and the jungles of the Amazon and the mountains of the Himalaya should not just be seen in pictures or read about in books. Traveling around the world to see the wonderful gifts that nature has given us is truly a joy that surmounts anything else in this world.

4. The ultimate spiritual quest:

Spirituality is uniform throughout the world in many ways. Every religion is indeed talking about the same god, the god that dwells within and throughout the universe. Traveling around the world will give a person the opportunity to experience the universal spirit and will also let them come that much closer to nirvana where the soul is free from the body and the body free form the soul.

3. A chance to see the cultures of the world:

Life on earth was never uniform and will perhaps never be so. Going around the world will give a person the opportunity to experience the myriad of cultures that have existed in this world since it began. People in some parts of the world still live as they did hundreds of years ago and in some parts of the world cultures have advanced beyond recognition. What better way to fulfill one’s life than by interacting with such a varied mix of cultures and people.

2. Make friends everywhere:

Going around the world will most definitely give a person a chance to make a lot of friends from different parts of the world. Friendship is one of the best things to have in life and going around the world, a person is bound to make many great friends which is worth more than amassing the wealth of all the nations of the world.

1. You only live once:

Life is short in many ways to be able to fulfill all the dreams that we have. Traveling around the world will give a person the opportunity to fulfill a large chunk of not just our individual dreams but also the dreams of our fathers and the fathers of our fathers. Traveling around the world will also give you a story worth telling your children and your children’s children.

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