Top 10 Reasons to Love Maria Sharapova

12:00 pm 28 Apr, 2013

The 26 year old Russian who is regarded as the best looking girl has numerous attributes in her possession that sets her apart from her contemporaries. The long legged blonde is not only perfect at her game of play; she surely has all that glitz to make any guy fall in love with her. Very difficult not to get entrapped in her magic, Maria is a girl to adore and love undoubtedly. Here is a list of top 10 reasons to love Maria Sharapova.

10. Ready to improve:

It is quite clear in her words that the girl who has achieved a lot in terms of fame and money is always ready to improve herself further to be invincible for life –“Every day I wake up and go out, I feel like I can improve and that makes me feel young. I feel like I still have a lot of energy and desire.”

Ready to improve

9. Power packed lass:

Those who find the girl to be a typical blonde who is too flimsy similar to other pretty girls would bite the dust once they see this lasso in the court. Her volleys are as powerful as they can get. Her power packed grunts are enough to invoke fear in the opponent even if it is a male. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches in height, this tallest sportsperson in female tennis world is matchless when it comes to her beauty and her play.

Power packed lass

8. Canon commercials:

She was just next to awesome in the Cannon commercial where she was picturized along with her dog. The advertisement leaves the viewer gasping for breath and wishing the channel producers to repeatedly play the commercial for her wanting looks and seductive smile. If this doesn’t leave you loving her then I can bet nothing would.

Canon commercials

7. Real champion:

Very few must be aware about the fact that Maria Sharapova has been ranked world’s number one on five separate occasions in singles and this accounts for around 21 weeks. This is no mean feat for any girl especially when one is over occupied with her modeling and advertisement assignments for most part of her time. Those who only treat her as Barbie doll must re-check their premise about the blonde beauty.

Real champion

6. Cool and composed:

Unlike other female sportspersons, Maria Sharapova is too cool and composed to be really called a girl (just kidding!). Her composure is worth emulating, and she loved by her fans for the no fuss attitude she carries. Neither spiders nor mosquitoes could lead her to loss in her cool as clear from her quote “I don’t like spider and stuffs. But I think they’re staying away from center court, so I think I’ll be okay.”

Cool and composed

5. Title Queen:

She is currently one of the very best among the female tennis players across the world. Maria Sharapova has won 28 WTA singles titles that include prized four Grand Slam singles titles. Very few female tennis players could match her up for her playing skills and powerful shots in the court.

Title Queen

4. Goodwill Ambassador:

Only a few are aware that this sexy and photogenic Russian is also a Goodwill Ambassador to UN. Appointed in 2011, Maria joined the cause the cause to contribute her bit in the eradication of poverty from the world. On the onset of her position, she also donated $100,000 for the Chernobyl recovery projects.

Goodwill Ambassador

3. Russian leader:

No female tennis player from Russia could accomplish what this insanely beautiful and seductive bombshell achieved in her playing days. Maria Sharapova was the very first from the country where males enjoyed supremacy over tennis who was ranked number 1 in the game and enjoyed this distinction for quite a time too.

Russian leader

2. Young wonder:

Scaling new heights at a very tender age and achieving the impossible with sheer grit describes her personality entirely. It would be someone out of his wits or completely insane to not love a girl with some serious grit and the ability to achieve what she dreamt of. This makes her aptly entitled to be called the ‘Young Wonder.’

Young wonder

1. Greek Goddess:

Nothing more than her stunning looks, blonde hair and seemingly never-ending legs makes her a hot favorite among males worldwide. She could only be analogized for her resemblance with the Greek Goddesses, who were blessed with beauty, talent, and determination. Without an iota of doubt, her tennis prowess has led her to become the most famous female tennis player the world ever.

Greek Goddess