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Top 10 Reasons to Hate Mankind

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 5:22 pm By

Hating mankind or “Misanthropy,” is the general hatred, mistrust or contempt of the human species. In philosophical doctrines, misanthropy has been ascribed to isolation from the human social order, a kind of social awkwardness. It is a suppressed anti-social disorder, a result of negative outlook toward life or even overtly naive optimism towards human nature. According to the Greek philosopher Plato, misanthropists must analyze that the majority of men are to be found in between good and evil whereas Aristotle advocates the philosophy that the misanthrope, is never a man at all, he must be a beast or a god. It is essential to distinguish between philosophical cynicism and misanthropy. Here are the top 10 reasons to hate mankind.

10. Superiority Complex:

Human thinks of themselves as a superior being among rest of the mortals, created by God. True, in some sense, they are. Almighty has given them the superior mind to pet even the king of the jungle. But this superiority complex turns them into being a socially awkward person and they feel everyone’s responsible for the neglect.

Superiority Complex - Reasons to Hate Mankind

9. Immortality of the soul:


Religiously, we believe in the existence of soul, even after death. We cremate or bury the body; thinking that it’s a mere physical existence, the soul is always intact, immortal. Who are we to presume things? The pre-existence or post-existence of the soul is relevant or not, who’ll decide? Misanthropes hate the idea of life after death.

Immortality of the soul - Reasons to Hate Mankind

8. Unfriendliness:

Since its nothing but human nature, when we meet or greet any person, we exhibit some kind of friendliness charm. That person feels in his/her comfort zone. But there are those who do not like the very idea of friendliness, when interacting with strangers. They vouch the philosophy, how could anyone behave or act friendly, with strangers?

Unfriendliness - Reasons to Hate Mankind

7. Existentialism:

The conscious knowledge of one’s self, individualism. Many philosophers like Soren Kierkegaard, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Albert Camus et al have advocated this principle.  Life is difficult to live without a meaning and value and it’s up to us, how we create those values which add a meaning to our life and become a reason to live. Misanthropes simply are ignorant of social responsibility.

Existentialism - Reasons to Hate Mankind

6. Disillusionment:

Misanthropes are disillusioned people. They hate the fact that other humans do not believe in their theory and there’s no point living life like a race, if there’s no reward at the end. Everyone’s living life or better to say, we’re passing life, just for the heck of it. This is ridiculous.

Disillusionment - Reasons to Hate Mankind

5. Freedom:

Just think you’re free; you’re free from any burden, which you’re carrying unknowingly. It will make you feel delighted. What we call civilization, we have created various boundaries and we’re happy living in it. Misanthropes are free-spirited people, they enjoy living life king-size or for-that-matter queen-size.

Freedom - Reasons to Hate Mankind

4. Injustice:

People, who are victim of social injustice, become misanthropes. Their hatred originated from, what they’ve received from the society. They are people with a damn-it attitude. They like being left alone in a deserted island.

Injustice - Reasons to Hate Mankind

3. Selfishness:


Great philosopher Aristotle said that man is a selfish animal. Among all mortals, we human think ourselves superior and the extreme of superiority is displayed by our selfish behavior. Misanthropes alienate themselves from family and society, because it’s their belief that they are a scapegoat and a victim of everbody’s selfishness.

Selfishness - Reasons to Hate Mankind

2. Personality Disorder:

Like any other form of disorder, this behavior is also a disease. Psychologically vulnerable people turn misanthropes. When they observe that people in their surrounding don’t appreciate him/her, not giving the due attention, gradually the person develops grudges against the social system and start hating mankind.

Personality Disorder - Reasons to Hate Mankind

1. Intelligentsia:


Extremely intelligent people turn misanthropes as they are in search of perfection. Their quest for absoluteness often disappoints them. They find people around them to be selfish, liars, opportunists, and greedy in one way or the other. All this really suffocates them, they feel pissed off and are left with no choice but alienating themselves from the rest of the mankind.

Intelligentsia - Reasons to Hate Mankind


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