Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry

10:50 am 12 May, 2012

Right now Blackberry has limited, but dedicated users. They would always boast about its prowess, efficiency and speed but the hate party disregards all such claims. The smartphone market is now peaking and competition is higher than ever. Blackberry is a premium smartphone manufacturer and people expect it to be really good. But the reality is completely different. For the price Blackberry is offering modified old fashioned business phones. Owning a Blackberry could mean only work and no fun at all. Read on to find top ten reasons to hate Blackberry. 

10. Bad battery:

Blackberry has claimed that they have been working hard to improve power management and battery life but for now it is still weak. You would have to seriously be proactive about the usage and things running in the background, or else you will be looking for a power plug. With calls and average internet usage your phone would die by evening. When business is on the stake you have to make sure that you are always connected. With Blackberry power backup you will always be struggling for charge and would have to be proactive on the usage.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Bad Battery

9. Bad camera operations:

The camera quality is below average and when you are paying a hefty amount, you don’t want this. The images look dull with a bad exposure and weak colours. It produces horrible effects when you use the optical zoom or capture images under low light. Such bad quality for the price is a waste of your hard earned money.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Bad camera

8. Deletes messages occasionally:

A lot of people keep information in their message box like numbers and addresses. Sometimes to clear some memory, the phone deletes messages. Those deleted messages can sometimes result in loss of information. No one wants that to happen especially when it is related to your profession. This is a fatal flaw that manufacturers have completely missed out on and its cost them in many ways.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Deletes message

7. Non intuitive interface:

Buy a Blackberry phone and you are going to start an endless quest to master the operating system. You will have to explore and learn a lot to understand the UI completely. Even the Calendar is made so complicated that it would take you a while navigating through months and years. Such things should be fast and fluid but Blackberry again fails to make a mark.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Non intuitivejavascript:; interface

6. Small, low resolution screen:

If you like to view a lot of high quality multimedia content on your phone, you will not be satisfied at all. It is true that the screen is capable to show emails and stuff but when it comes to high quality images and videos, this isn’t just enough. Adding to this, you should look at the cost of an average Blackberry phone. You can buy an Android phone with better screen for same or lesser price. The only thing you will be lacking is “The Blackberry Messenger”, which can be avoided with help of messenger apps.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Poor screen resolution

5. No customizations:

You can jailbreak an Android or even an iPhone, but it seems practically impossible on Blackberry devices. Apparently, these devices have been made so secure that you can’t really hack into the operating system. That is the reason why Blackberry OS 7 was awarded as the safest smartphone operating system. Blackberry can be called rigid in place of secure here. Every tech savvy person would like to use some hacks and make some changes to their phone. This rigidness provokes hatred in users who want to jailbreak and feel free to customize.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Poor customization

4. Bulky and inefficient design:

The Blackberry design now looks pretty outdated. If you take a look at other Android phones and iPhones you will know. Manufacturers have achieved very slim and attractive designs with modern technology and composite material usage. But Blackberry is still caught in a bulky and inefficient design. Moreover, the QWERTY keypad has been tagged as small by some users with fat fingers. It is clear that the future of smartphones lies in touchscreens but Blackberry is still obsessed with their QWERTY keypad. They have released a few touchscreen models too and they are no different in performance. Blackberry needs to consider some major changes to their design to attract more customers who currently use some other smartphone.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Bulky design

3. A professional bugger:

We understand that you can sync up all your mails and stuff to your blackberry and you can immediately reply to your work emails. This is an advantage when you are on work. Now imagine you are going away on a vacation with your family. Considering your record of quick replies, your bosses will always expect you to reply. You will be constantly bugged with you work emails while you should be enjoying. This would certainly suck out all the excitement of the vacation because you will always be troubled about replying to emails. These emails can’t be ignored either.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: It is bugger

2. Inefficient Web Browser:

Blackberry is known as a hard-core business phone, but the reality is, it has a very inefficient browser. With Safari on your iPhone, you will see the pages just like you would see on a computer. Apart from this, Blackberry browser is not recommended for mobile banking. You would have to use Opera, which is a slower and less friendly. In fact, Android and Symbian users would have a better experience in terms of web browsing.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Limited browser

1. Limited app choice:

Everyone likes to play around with apps on their newly bought smartphone. Blackberry app marketplace has very limited to offer for those people. Even developers don’t prefer to develop apps for Blackberry OS. This makes the app market a claustrophobic place while Android apps and iOS apps are in plenty. If you want some fun apps, you would just have to forget. Blackberry is certainly not bothered about entertainment and games at all, neither are app developers. This neglect is contributing to a lot of hatred for Blackberry.

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Top 10 reasons to hate Blackberry: Limited app

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