Top 10 reasons to donate cars

Updated on 5 May, 2012 at 12:58 pm


Donating cars is very easy now days; there are multiple sources that you can donate your car to. If you have an old car that you don’t use anymore then there are several ways that the car can be put to good use. It is the best way to get rid of old cars as it could help save someone’s life furthermore there are a number of benefits of donating a car to charity. A number of charities help people dispose of their cars in ways that are beneficial to many others. Here are the top ten reasons why you should donate your car to charity.

10. Keeps you away from dealing with middlemen and car dealers:

Getting a good price for an old car is always a difficult task. It is better to not deal with middlemen and car dealers and easily dispose of the car to a charity. A number of hassles are involved with the disposal of an old car when dealing with a dealership or even a single dealer because they are looking to put you at a loss and make a profit out of it. You can avoid all that by donating your old car to charity.

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9. Charities pick up your car:

You do not need to wait for prospective buyers to come and look at your car in your garage. Neither do you have to constantly wait for updates from a dealership. Charities simply need to be contacted and they will come and pick up the car from your residence.


8. Avoid advertising costs and other overheads of keeping an old car:

If you are looking to sell off your car then it is better to donate your car instead. Charities give you an accurate valuation of the current price of your car and you will not encounter unnecessary expenses to advertise in newspapers or magazines to sell your car off.

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7. Your car does not have to be in good condition:

You will not need to do any repair work to your car to donate it. Charities are more than happy to pick up an old car and have it worked upon on their own expense. You will not have to spend a dime on the repair of your old worn out work machine and it wil be disposed off in a graceful way that fits your car.

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6. No junkyards:

Even getting your car out to a junkyard has some amount of effort on your part or on the part of the junkyard. Most junkyards or junk dealers ask for money to take away a car. If you are making a donation then there are no hassles as such as the charities arrange for the pickup themselves if you are unable to deliver it to them.

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5. Pickup is usually quick:

You will not have to wait for your car to get picked up as most charities pick up the car wthin a couple of days after a prospective donor contacts them. Dealerships and even individual buyers often take their own sweet time to come pick up the car and you will have to deal with housing the car till the time they decide to pick it up, it is not so in the case of a charity that takes car donations.

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4. No more insurance or other costs:

Car charities take over the car completely including the paperwork involved. They make sure that the car is taken off of your hands safely and completely. You will no longer have to worry about insurance or any other form of monetary commitment towards your old car.


3. Preserve your emotional attachment towards your car:

If for instance its your first car and you are somewhat emotionally attached to the vehicle and do not want to see it put down at a junkyard, then donating is the best possible option for you as it can still be refurbished or repaired and used.

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2. Satisfaction involved:

Donating a car to charity will give you the satisfaction of having helped a cause that is dear to you. It could very well be one of the biggest donations that you may ever make in your life. Besides that a lot of charities make an effort to acknowledge the people who donate to them through some means or another.

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1. Tax deductions involved:

After the charity calculates the current market value of your old car, you will get a rebate on the equivalent aount of money on your taxes. It is a great way to give something away to a cause and save some money at the same time. Most old cars yield a tax deduction of at least 300$ or more which is a handsome amount of money any given day.

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