10 Reasons To Donate Blood

7:26 am 15 May, 2012

Saving lives of other people can be exhilarating for most of us, and sometimes all it takes is donating a pint of our blood. Blood donation is commonly a voluntary task that people undertake as charity for the inner satisfaction it brings. But, besides the psychological happiness, it also has multiple health benefits, helping you to lead a better physiological life. Given below are the top 10 reasons why should raise your sleeve once in a while and donate blood.


10. Donate blood because you can:

The brightest side of blood donation is that most of us are well capable to donate it, unless we are not inflicted by any infectious disease. In fact doctors claim that diabetic patients too can donate blood, as long as their condition is kept under control. To add to things, since every second someone is in need of blood, we must understand the urgency to contribute our bit to save the lives of others.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Because you can

9. Public health:

While screening at donation camps benefit individuals, it also helps donation centres collect data about the health status of communities, thereby acting as research material for many. Although all the information collected is supposed to be kept confidential as per law, general tendencies sure can be calculated. This data can indeed help policy makers to device workable plans that will ultimately result in a balanced demand and supply of blood, ensuring better safety and protection. Also one can keep track of the impact that all serious diseases have on the social fabric on a local as well as national level.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Public health

8. You should donate blood because every second there is someone, somewhere in need of it:

We might be oblivious about the fact that every two seconds blood id required by people around the world. Blood loss due to fatal accidents, or disease or other probable reasons make it an in demand product for every single day of the week, month and year.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Help someone in need

7. Free cookies and juice:

Although not the best incentive for encouraging people to donate blood, yet it certainly feels good when you get free cookies and some juice, all for free.  Doctors recommend that one should not immediately move out the donation centre, but hang around for a while, sip some juice and have some cookies or bananas or any food that is a source of instant energy, so that you don’t faint when you walk out into the sun, or while driving etc. At the donation centres they ensure to rule out the possibility of any adverse reaction due to blood loss.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Free juices

6. Free health screening:

When donating blood, you also get the benefit of getting a free health check up done. The donor is able to get information about his blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs that show the status of your overall health. And, since we just mentioned that on an average a person can donate blood five to six times, this means that he potentially gets a chance to get a physical examination done up to six times in a year.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Free health screening

5. Helps fight hemochromatosis:

Hemochromatosis is also known as the iron overload disorder and is most often a genetic disorder, where the body starts storing iron in the tissues due to improper metabolism of the same. This condition can lead to organ damage and therefore an easy way out is blood donation. Indians are not commonly affected by this disorder, but Americans and Britishers are found to be carrying this for long now. Since the disease is a genetic disorder, it will not harm people receiving blood from the donor who suffers from it.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Hemochromatosis

4. Production of new red blood cells:

The withdrawal of blood cells from the donor’s body means that there will be a decrease in the count of in blood cells. These need to be replenished and thanks to god, our body is so designed that the bone marrow immediately gets to work and starts producing new red blood cells. In simple words blood donation helps to stimulate the process of generating new blood cells.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Increases rbc

3. Reduces the chance of heart disease:

Our blood needs to maintain a given level of iron in it and if this limit is crossed, one is likely to inculcate heart diseases. The presence of iron in the blood is certainly detrimental for oxidation of cholesterol in the arteries, therefore, if the level of blood iron id higher, it will act like a catalyst for this process, leading to heart diseases. Donation of blood on a regular basis will help you get rid of the excess iron on the blood, especially in case of males. Statistics have proved that the chances of a heart attack are cut by almost one third, if a regular blood donation regime is followed.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: reduces heart disease


2. You will weigh less:

One pint of blood donated can burn up to 650 calories in the body of the donor. This of course does not mean that for weight loss you make excess blood donations. The upper limit of donating blood is about five to six times a year. This will keep you healthy and to some extend help you manage your weight.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Reduces weight


1. Donating blood saves life:

No matter how cruel as person is or how envious and jealous he is on a daily basis, when it comes to saving the lives of other people, we all experience a wonderful satisfaction that of being the source of something vital to the survival of another human being. It’s an essential service to the community we all reside in and who knows one day we could well be on the recipient side.

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Top 10 reasons to donate blood: Save life 


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