Top 10 Reasons Not to Believe in God

2:00 pm 5 Feb, 2013


The world has been debating for centuries on the existence of God. Each of the two factions – believers and non-believers – has its own point of view. In between there are the agnostics – those who neither deny nor accept the existence of God. This debate is endless, and it is interesting to note the diverse viewpoints and theories that elucidate about God’s existence. Here is a list of top 10 reasons not to believe in God. The atheists have more reasons.

10. Scientific reasoning:

With the advent of modern scientific theories and evolved rationale, non-believers in God seem to be enjoying an upper hand in few cases. For example, before the scientific reason behind the occurrence of earthquakes was given, it was believed that an earthquake occurs when the ox that supports the mother earth on his horns gets tired and transfers it to the other horn tip. Science or no science, no one can actually imagine an ox carrying the weight of the Earth upon its horns.

Scientific reasoning to believe in god

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9. Confronting religions:

Most of the religions practiced in the world today portray a confronting view about the existence of God. Some, like those who believe in idol worship, see him differently from others who do not. There are many religions that believe that the God has no definite form. There is no unanimity over how God looks. In that case, it is better to presume that God is merely a belief created by man for self-assurance.

Confronting religions

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8. No specific narrative:

Unless and until you know where a person resides, what he eats and what language he speaks, it becomes utterly difficult to comprehend his personality. Same is the case with God. Believers say he lives in heaven but the question is: where is heaven? It looks completely foolish to know a person and not be sure about his name, residence or shape.

No specific narrative

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7. The whole theory fails:


It is rather enjoyable to read stories where God showered his supernatural powers and performed a miracle. There isn’t an example in the real life that proves that any such events took place. People need solid proofs to believe in God. Just like a magician can only persuade you about the existence of magic by showcasing his tricks, likewise atheists demand God to show his presence in some act of reality otherwise mere boasting serves no purpose.

The whole theory fails to make us believe in God

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6. Contradictory characteristics:

Since childhood, we are taught that God is a perfect entity. If we remember most of our discussions with our mothers or school teachers about God, they portray him as an ideal being. But, as we grow older and read the Holy Scriptures we realize that God, or his Sons, also committed mistakes. This has given serious jolts to his chaste image in the minds of many.

Contradictory characteristics hampers our believe in God

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5. God and human:

The image that we carry about God is that he resembles humans in appearance and body structure. This proves that he at least looks like a human. If we believe in it then why do we keep him above the rest of us? The point has reasoning only if you weigh it in broader light. Would you place any person above you just because our Holy Scriptures preach so?

God and human

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4. God is asleep:

While major religions of the world promote the belief that God keeps appearing in our lives by way of miracles, there is no visible proof to support it. Those who claim to have witnessed miracles are not above doubt. Often has it been seen that what they call a miracle is but a scientific phenomenon. It just seems that if a God exists and his job is to perform miracles, he’s either asleep at the moment or hasn’t heard of advertisement.

Why should we believe in God if he is asleep during our sorrows

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3. Not omnipotent:

God is said to be omnipotent. It means He is present everywhere. He was present in the past, is living a life at present and will be there in the future as well. Now the question arises: if he is all-pervading then why he hasn’t rid the world of its complex problems. All sort of spiritual answers to the question are unjustified in today’s world, and so it is hard to believe in God and his existence.

Not omnipotent

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2. Incoherent:

Had God been present in the world today, we could have talked to him regularly and enjoyed his blessings. The whole human race could have benefitted from his existence. He could have guided us towards future and ensured we achieve our objectives as soon as possible. But, he is highly incoherent and depending on him to work miracle when we make no efforts is rather foolish.


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1. Doesn’t matter:


It doesn’t matter if you are a believe in God or not as it doesn’t add any value to your everyday life in the plain sense. In the world of today the only thing that adds some value to your life is your own hard work, dedication and the will to achieve certain goals. Therefore, raking your brains over the matter and questioning God’s existence, especially when it does not solve any purpose, is futile.

It doesn't matter whether we believe in God or not

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