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Top 10 Reasons Behind America’s Superpower Status

Updated on 7 July, 2016 at 5:25 pm By

Different empires have ruled a major portion of the planet in different eras of world history. The Romans, Ottomans, English, Mongols, French, Russians, Germans and many others enslaved nations, dynasties and millions of people whenever they had the chance.  At any point in time, there has been only one ‘super’ power in the world and today, it’s America.  While military might and political wisdom was primarily the deciding factor in the past, today there are dozens of other factors that determine a nation’s superpower status. Listed below are the top 10 points behind America’s superpower status.

10. The collapse of USSR:

Post the collapse of USSR, the only nation that came forward to lead (some would prefer ‘dictate’) the world was the Unites States of America (USA). The power polarization came to an end and a new leader was unanimously accepted by most nations to guide the world forward or whip those who didn’t listen. Even the countries that were once considered as allies to USSR began to side up with America. A new world order was in place.

The collapse of USSR - Reasons behind America’s Superpower Status

9. Capitalism:


It is one of the main reasons behind the America’s financial prowess in the world. This financial power over the world affairs was not gained in centuries; it took America less than a century to do so. The capitalistic ideology of US propagated through the political systems of other countries as the decades rolled by. Once the capitalistic order was in place, very few countries could actually challenge the domination of this cunning superpower.


8. Excellent strategies:

America came up with efficient strategies as far as principles of human rights, democracy, freedom and equality were concerned. They weaved their own ideological patterns into the systems of others and didn’t allow the growth of alternate ideologies in different parts of the world. It acted as a deterrent to the development of any substitute to the existing policies of US. One way or the other, America and agencies controlled by it had become ‘moral’ watchdogs of the world.

Excellent strategies - Reasons behind America’s Superpower Status

7. CIA:

The premier intelligence agency of America, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is believed to have guided the United States of America to the echelon of the super power status. The agency masterminded many political coups in other countries and didn’t allow anti-America feelings to grow anywhere. Assassinating leaders and politicians, bribing officials, intelligence gathering and keeping tabs on secret affairs of various countries around the world is what CIA did over the decades.


6. Economical Imperialism:

Post Industrial Revolution, America succeeded in attaining the status of world leader through industrial growth. In order to sell its industrial output, America made foray into several other markets and did everything possible to destroy their own industrial set up – a tried and tested policy of the British in its heydays. This turned them into its consumers for many years to follow.

Economical Imperialism - Reasons behind America’s Superpower Status

5. Industrial/IT revolution:

Silicon Valley is the hub of all Information Technology related activities in the world. All the premier corporate organizations dealing in software business operate from this area. Therefore, the US produces all the radical innovations in the field of Information Technology for others to follow. Companies like Apple and Microsoft are clear examples. Software Technology has added on to its strength both in terms of revenue and technological might.

Industrial IT revolution

4. United Nations:

Most of the international watchdogs and agencies namely United Nations, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and others are too inclined towards the idea of maintenance of America’s superiority over the other nations in the world. The primary reason is the American stake involved. America is the largest donor for these agencies and, hence, enjoys maximum patronage from these organizations.

United Nations - Reasons behind America’s Superpower Status

3. Defense:


America is the largest spender on defense annually among all nations on the planet. It is due to this very reason that the defense forces of the United States of America are the most adequately equipped among the contemporary nations and boast of the most advanced combat machines and weapons. Its supremacy in the defense sector was adequately exhibited in the recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Experts even believe that America’s ultra-modern defense equipment is shown to the world only when they fight a war.


2. US Dollar:

Majority of the trade related transactions in the world are carried out with dollar as the chief trading currency. This lends dollar a clear edge over all traded currencies worldwide. America maintains a constant edge over others as far as the economic stability or growth is concerned. Any slump in the dollar value or US economy leads to dwindling of the world economy as well and hence the trading policies around the world are designed keeping US in the reckoning.

US dollar - Reasons behind America’s Superpower Status

1. Amalgamation of diverse workforce:


Last but not least, America has always been, and still is, the land of opportunities for the skilled and unskilled workforce from all over the world. In search of better living conditions and earning opportunities, the brilliant  and the not-so-brilliant minds from different parts of the world board a flight to America every year and contribute immensely towards it growth. It’s the best of the best from around the globe who have really made America what it is today.

Amalgamation of diverse workforce


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