Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

12:00 pm 1 Apr, 2013

Although the vibrant lights, hustle and bustle of a big city may attract many to relocate but there are a few who are reluctant of that fast -paced life. Living in small town certainly has its benefits that can never be found in cities. Life is no race in small places. People are ‘mediocre’, they majorly focus on their livelihood and busy concentrating on their kids’ career. Here, folks are more organized, more compassionate as they have abundant time to socialize. There’s less front-page shocking news of rash-driving, rapes, murders, abductions or suicide while a city-life is squarely adverse. It is one among many reasons that makes living in a small town so wonderful, you are simply free of all those evils. While in cities, people get up and rush to their offices, stuck in log-jams. After the work gets over; again they’ve to face that snake-like traffic. City-life’s much chaotic as loud noise, rising pollution level, heavy traffic-jam hovers one’s mind, resulting in high stress and several other stress-related diseases. Small-town life is carefree whereas people lead masked life in cities. Recently, one of my friends relocated to Delhi from a suburban Mangalore; she hardly calls me now while previously it was much frequent. Even a smile is taxing in metros, while you can have a rich dose of laughter in not-so-urban places. Here are our top 10 reasons on why small town life is better than a city.

10. Lesser noise & pollution level, hence good health:

Compared to the life in cities, there’s less hue & cry in small places. Life’s more complacent than complicated. You can breathe fresh air or enjoy being in spacious fields. Although not necessarily, but often you’ll find that people residing in low-profile areas are less provoked with health issues. Mainly it is because the atmosphere’s healthy and hygienic and that’s reflected in peoples’ lives.

Lesser noise & pollution level, hence good health - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

9. Even your kid can read morning newspaper:

You don’t have to panic that your kids get a look of the morning newspaper. In metros, the excess of delinquent news abstains you from letting your kids read daily newspapers. It majorly upsets you that they’ll affect their young mind. In small places, you no longer have to distract your kids’ attention from the newspapers as they’re comparatively free of those ills.

Even your kid can read morning newspaper - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

8. A sense of belongingness:

It’s my place, there’s a sense of attachment and warmth. Every neighborhood shop, your school building, your friends place or the nearby market leaves a memorable mark in your mind and stays with you forever. You belong to that place.

A sense of belongingness - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

7. Minimal cost of living:

There is less expenditure on groceries, food items or transportation, so it all contributes to a great cut on your monthly budget. You have good savings to surpass those rainy days. The sound financial back-up strengthens your future endeavors.

Minimal cost of living - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

6. Security:

There’s a prevailing social security in small towns. Though you have to be watchful of any wrong activities still you never have to panic all the time, worrying about any unlawful happenings, which may occur any time.

Security - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

5. Leisure:

In small towns, people relish their dishes, read their favorite books, play interesting games, chatter or simply relax in their free time. In cities mostly people are shopaholics or movie-goers while in small towns, people pursue their hobbies, more inclined towards reading or writing, playing or any creative things.

Leisure - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

4. You’re popular:

From your neighborhood, grocer, shopkeeper to your banker, everyone knows you. Being absent-minded once I collected my dresses from the boutique without paying the bill, he called back me the next day and reminded me. The other time I forgot my wallet at a grocery shop, much to my surprise; it was intact, when I received it. It can only happen in small places. You build more contacts; have true friends from the same soil who lasts forever.

You’re popular - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

3. Values:

Generally people hailing from small-towns, are less-complicated, simple-hearted and effortlessly lead their lives. There is warmth in their approach; they welcome their guests whole-heartedly. You feel like being part of one big family. Sometimes they are being mocked at, get weird treatment by urban fellows, stamped with “small-town-mentality,” though this is all vague as once they’re inculcated with the values and it remains with them for life. They simply don’t compromise on them.

Values - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

2. You can be yourself:

You’re entirely at ease. There’s no need to pretend what you are not, while in cities, people generally put a mask on their personality and it reflects in their attitude too. They make people believe that they are socially awkward fellows, whereas in reality they may be not. Since they are secretly not inclined towards socializing, they have to act as if they keep it to themselves.

You can be yourself - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

1. No rush hour:

There’s no hurried Henry, no need to rush. Unlike urbanites, small-town people are not addicted to those bee-line queues. Here, people simply don’t juggle with their daily life. One can be at his/her ease, own pace. The feeling is really wonderful. Life moves on itself, you don’t have to wear those running shoes. We can end this conversation, adding a proverb, small is beautiful.

No rush hour - Top 10 Reasons a Small Town Life is Better than a City

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