Top 10 random photos of Mark Zuckerberg

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Updated on 18 May, 2012 at 11:28 am


With a life of  normal people despite being really loaded, the story of this digital nerd is just like a movie. His bank account juggles billions of dollars but this big-shot is still fond of his not-so-expensive car Acura TSX, his blue jeans with matching gray t-shirts and Adidas sneakers. He still lives in a rental house of four bedrooms, which is within walking distance from the headquarters of Facebook. From the cluster of snaps, Topyaps is fetching the ten most random photos of this brainiac.

10. Harvard Days:

Facebook was launched from Kirkland dorm room on 4th February, 2004. Initiallt, it was called which later converted into a growing phenomenon.

9. Water? Never touch the stuff:

Threatening lawsuits and burden of over 500 million people…….Heck !! I need a drink. Going back to old days, Zuck was extremely drunk on the night when he hacked the dorm sites of Harvard and created the Facemash.

8. Let the music begin:

The kid CEO watches a software developer beating a gong in Newark.


7. Outburst of the soul:

Zuckerberg prefers to unwind after hectic schedule. Accompanied by mates in a chilling environment !!

6. Abode of the rising storm:

The place which witnessed the initial climbing of Facebook. His roommates still recalls how Zuck developed the Facebook, spending hours in front of his computer and gazing the walls filled with charts and graphs.

5. Ah! A blessing beyond all fate:

Priscilla Chan is the girlfriend of world’s youngest billionaire. Zuckerberg has been dating this lady since Harvard days and since then both have managed to feel the bliss of love, apart from coding and hard work.

4. Dancing @ Indian wedding:

This is how I run a billion dollar company. Zuckerberg dancing with Priscilla Chan in the wedding of Aditya Agarwal, Facebook’s director of engineering. Zuck’s public interest often exceeds the level of Hollywood stars.

3. Feel the power….passion is my energy:

Normal man doing abnormal activity in “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In this show, Zuckerberg announced that he his donating $100 million to renovate the public school system of Newark.

2. Sheer genius with his prof and batchmates:

The environment, which stimulated Zuckerberg to create a smoking hot social networking site. He still follows his college-kid style in Facebook headquarters, as he is often encountered by colleagues in baggy khakis, sweatshirt and his all time favorite sandals along with eating breakfast from plastic spoon in paper bowls.


1. I must look too intelligent to keep it:

Son of a dentist father and psychiatrist mother, Zuck was born on May 14, 1984, in New York. Fond of computers from the early age, he later made hacking his passion. Once asked about his hacking abilities, he clearly stated: “It’s OK to break things to make them better.”

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