Top 10 racing games of all time

Updated on 11 May, 2012 at 10:21 am


Racing games let us do what we can’t do on the road. The detailing on today’s race games are down to the last small detail. The cars are also faster and more realistic and the console gaming industry has also taken to racing games in a big way. Some of the earliest games in this category were very crude but still provided for lots of excitement with weapons and other add ins to the cars, today’s games however are mostly about speed and precision as the detailing gets better and better. We will look at some of the best racing games of the past and the present.

10. Excitebike:

One among the first two Nintendo games that were big around the time they were launched in 1985, Excitebike was a motocross game which was crude to say the least but it still did the trick. The endless jumps and obstacles on the path to victory, some tricky sequences were all very exciting at the time and to top it all off, it came with a level creator where you could also create your own races and ride away.

9. R4, Ridge Racer Type 4:

Ridge racer series was an incredible success on the Play station platform. The game is a very simple affair of racing the wheels off your tiers. The two companies, SEGA and Namco constantly made improvements to the game and today the R4 is one of the best arcade games ever.

8. Stunts:

Stunts was a revolutionary game in many ways and it was also a very different game at the time. It was all about nailing some impossible stunts at incredibly high speeds and sometimes at those speeds, things got a little tricky. The in game track editor let you make numerous combinations for stunts in your own way. Enormously entertaining and funny at times, this is a classic game.


7. Burnout 3 – Takedown:

Burnout series of games are a big force in changing the face of modern day racing games. While most game makers were trying to make the games more realistic by matching real time data with games, the burnout crew managed to do that and added in some insane speed racing. The result is a stress busting game that lets you drive fast, do stunts and create some road rage.

6. Daytona USA:

This arcade and SEGA based game is a classic in many ways. When it was launched in 1995, it quickly became one of the premier arcade racing games. The game has many good features that helped it become a loved game. The developers cleverly made gameplay moderately difficult and provided players with greater speed which instantly became a success formula.

5. Pole Position:

The racing game that gave the world the rear view racers, this game was a great success way back in 1982. The game was revolutionary in many ways and an entertaining ride that would let you drive hassle free and the added views also always helped.

4. Super off Road:

Super off Road is a game that has been adapted into many consoles. Originally however it was an arcade game that came with the gas pedal and the wheel. This adaptation has also been used in designing modern day gamepads. The twists and turns on this game made for a challenging play and people were glued to machines with their coins.

3. Wave Race 64:

The Wave Race 64 game was brilliantly constructed in terms of the realism in the game. The achievements of the Nintendo game are such that it is unparalleled when it comes to the gameplay. The wonderfully constructed tracks let you use physics to get around in a way that has not been done before. The only way to comprehend this game is to play it.

2. Super Mario Kart:

This game scores points for innovation and entertainment. The mix of fighting and racing was a great combination and it has become a classic racer game. The game led to the development of a whole new era of racing games mixed with racing and aggression. The depth given to the game is also phenomenal.


1. Gran Turismo 4:

This is perhaps the best racing game of all time. The incredible attention to every single detail in the game is amazing and it sucks you in as you play along. The cars are all great and almost all of them look and feel like real cars, it brings to life a great driving experience and lets people drive the cars that they may never get to in the real world. The best part is if you had driven those cars, you would stake your life on it that you had driven the car the same way in the game too.

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