Top 10 Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

8:19 am 9 Apr, 2013

Since time immemorial people have held a belief that every subsequent generation is different from the present. No single generation identifies itself with another; there is a so-called generation gap. Time is relentlessly moving forward. Although we feel that there is absolutely no need to look back but sometimes, we should take a pause and think about the direction we are heading in. Our newspapers, today, are full of stories related to teenagers’ association with drugs, violence or “yob culture”. The young generation is so impulsive and has so much less ethical values that they need a proper overhauling in the form of moral counseling. Youngsters of the 21st century undoubtedly lack in certain behavioral patterns. The question might arise in our mind: what do we want from these poor chaps? We have to explore if there are any defining qualities of youngsters which is universally relevant. Hence we are listing the top 10 qualities which should be possessed by youngsters.


10. Leadership:

They say leaders are born not made. But, this theory is unconvincing. Leadership is like any other skill, which can also be acquired. Youngsters should be encouraged to come up as leaders of change in their community. The society should offer different opportunities for young people, in order to build their social and emotional skills. Actually, young leadership can act as a medium for taking social challenges head on and being catalysis for bringing positive social change.

Leadership -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

9. High self-esteem:

Youngster need to be laced with high self-esteem in these times. Whenever you wish that you are amiss with certain quality, practice acting as if you are already adorned with it. If somebody has spoken something nasty or weird about your looks or attitude, just do not retaliate by words or actions. Some insecure people try and deflect attention away from them by criticizing others. One should keep in mind that he/she is the better person.

High self-esteem -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

8. Self-awareness:

Young generation should be aware of themselves. One should develop a positive image of oneself. No matter how low you feel, look within yourself and find one thing that you like about yourself. It could be anything like your hair-style, your sense of humor, your cuisine taste, your attitude or even your athletic or artistic skills.

Self-awareness -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

7. Psychologically strong:

We should pay attention to the psychological development of these youngsters, by making them intrinsically strong, confident and independent. There will be less cases of teenage suicide, which is largely due to poor academic performance or other similar setbacks. Youngsters feel devastated when their feelings are not reciprocated or the relationship has fizzled out. They must be told that their world has not come to an end. Youngsters should always preserve their inner beauty; the way they are and their individuality.

Psychologically strong -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

6. Socially responsible:

One should contribute towards the community or get involved with any kind of social development. Good governance is achievable only when every person on earth irrespective of gender, color, caste and creed actively participate in the social crusade for basic needs. It is this consciousness which have given birth to several NGOs (Non-Government Organizations). Even corporates have their agenda on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Celebrities are associated with several charity groups. Why not youngsters?

Socially responsible -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

5. Respect for others:

Youngsters should reserve some respect for women, children and elderly people. Showing respect to others is what parents must teach their children. Those who do not teach respect to their children themselves do not receive respect. Respect is something youngsters are forgetting fast and this is only contributing to the deterioration of the society.

Respect for others -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

4. Decision makers:

Young Yin or Yang, a youngster should be a decision maker and a problem solver. If you are a young man or woman, try something new each day; something that you would avoid otherwise. Each time, do something new, you are slowly introduced to another sphere, out of your comfort zone to make a fresh start. It will add to your confidence level.

Decision makers -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

3. Helpful:

Youngsters should be ready to lend a helping hand towards others. They should learn to help a friend in need. The young brigade needs to develop that generosity in them. Helping others is something prescribed by all religions, too. However, it is not that youngsters should help others because a particular religion says so; helping others gives peace to the mind and wins friends over.


2. Compassion:

The lack of compassion in today’s youth is obvious. As society progresses through its technological advances, decorum and etiquette decreases. As the widened gap between the rich and poor class continues to grow, compassion is also declining in today’s youth. They should learn the quality of compassion which will help them in becoming better individuals and build a stronger, less divided society.


1. Rational:

The last but not the least of all qualities is one should be a rational self. If someone is rational, it means that person will derive his/her opinions and ideas through reasoning, based on facts and logical thinking. Animals are not normally considered rational, since they act on instincts, and they do not possess a good level of logical bent of mind. That is the difference between a man and an animal.

Rational -  Qualities Which Should be Possessed by Youngsters

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