Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

10:17 am 3 Oct, 2013

Good leaders are a precious and rare commodity. Any organization or team that has a good leader will eventually succeed in their endeavors. It is hard to find good leaders because a good leader needs a very rare combination of certain characteristics that is hard to find in one person. Some might say that good leaders are born not made but if you could learn to nurture the following values you could become a good leader even if you are not one.

10. Compassionate:

A person who is not compassionate can’t be a good leader because a leader needs to be able to empathize with their team in order to handle them properly. People look up to a compassionate person and don’t mind following their orders. They know that a compassionate person will keep their situation in mind and will do the best for them. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

9. Cool under Stress:

A good leader has to know how to handle stress. Someone who cracks under pressure can’t lead the team when the going gets tough. They need to be able to stay cool under tremendous stress and retain their decision making ability. They need to be confident that even during critical situations their decisions will be the best one. Such leaders have a calming effect on their team as well which ensures success. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

8. Good Communicator:

Communication is very important in any organization. Most of the problems that occur within any organization occur due a lack of proper communication. Good leaders know this and makes sure they get their message across. The important part of communication is to make it a two way street and a good leader is also a good listener. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

7. Organized:

A good leader is usually well organized. That is the only way to stay on top of things and stay calm under stress. If someone is not organized they’ll find it hard to get things done when they are under pressure. Good leaders keep things neat and clean and organized so that when the time gets tough they don’t have to waste time in looking for things. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

6. Leads by Example:

One important trait of good leaders is that they lead by example. They have to be good at what they do otherwise no one will look up to them. Many good leaders in a team are also the best in the team. They match their words with their actions and set a good example for the team to follow. This is seen in many sports where the best sportsperson in the team is usually the captain of the side. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

5. Responsible:

Good leaders know what their responsibility is and doesn’t shy away from it. Being responsible is also about knowing what is out of one’s responsibility. Good leaders don’t burden themselves with extra responsibilities. They are good at delegation but also know what work can’t be delegated. They are good at giving responsibility to their team members who can handle it. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

4. Consistent:

Consistency is important for a good leader. It proves that the success achieved by the team is not a fluke and rather a result of good leadership and teamwork. Good leaders are good because they deliver consistent results. Those who fluctuate between huge successes or utter failures are not good leaders even though they might achieve success from time to time. Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

3. Motivator:

A good leader is a good motivator. Leading any organization or team needs teamwork and one person alone can’t achieve success. Good leaders know this and so are good at motivating their team and keeping the morale of the organization high. In some cases a good leader is the one who might not be the best but is able to motivate his team to give their best.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

2. Trustworthy:

Good leaders are trustworthy. They win the trust of their team and it helps them to stay in control of the team. They don’t break their teams trust for their personal benefits. This quality is important in a good leader as it ensures the team will follow the leader wherever he might take them.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

1. Visionary:

Good leaders are also visionaries. They have the ability to peak into the future and predict what actions they need to take now to achieve a certain goal in the future. They are also good at remembering the past and not repeating mistakes they made in the past. Sometimes the team or organization might not share the vision of the leader or might not be able to see it yet, but if the leader has the above qualities they’ll trust him and follow him till his vision is realized.

Top 10 Qualities Of A Good Leader

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