Top 10 Puzzling Movies You Can Understand Only In The Last Minutes

10:53 am 16 Oct, 2013

Certain movies just don’t make sense till the ending. When this happens in a thriller, it’s a good thing but if it happens in a romantic comedy then maybe the director needs to change a few things. Good endings can make good movies even better. And bad endings can ruin a perfectly good thriller. The end needs to be something completely unexpected and should blow the mind of the audience. Let’s take a look at some movies that are confusing and puzzling in the beginning but by the time they are over, it all makes sense and you feel amazed and thrilled to the core. Here are the top 10 movies that have a great revealing ending.

10. The Village:

M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village starts off as a story set in a small village in olden times. There are monsters in the forest surrounding the village and no one is allowed to go into the forest. For a long time you think there is no surprise coming towards the end but you are proven wrong when at the end we find out that the village is surrounded by a high wall. We later discover that the medieval village was created as an alternate living experiment by some rich people who wanted to create the perfect society.

The Village

9. The Usual Suspects:

The Usual Suspects is renowned for its ending when Kevin Spacey walks out of the police interrogation room and slowly starts walking straight, gets into a car and drives away. This ending reveals that his character, Verbal, was the main culprit behind it all. The ending of this movie really blows your mind and explains the whole story.

The Usual Suspects

8. Exam:

8 candidates come to appear for an exam that is the last step for the selection procedure for a high paying job of a big corporation. They have to answer just one question but the problem is nobody knows what that question is. This is an intriguing movie that captivates you from the beginning as you try to figure out what the question is. By the end 7 people get eliminated and only one remains who has understood the question.


7. 12 Monkeys:

12 Monkeys is a science fiction film that seems to be very confusing in the beginning. A criminal is sent back to 1996 from the future to find information about a virus that has led to an apocalypse in the future. He meets a mad eccentric who wants anarchy and forms the 12 monkeys team. Only in the ending do we realize the importance of the flashbacks that Bruce Willis keeps getting of his childhood and the mystery of the 12 monkeys is also solved.

12 Monkeys

6. Inception:

The movie is about dreams and dream worlds and that much is clear pretty early on. But then the movie gets confusing as we enter a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside I don’t know what. There’s a lot of action as Leonardo tries to plant an idea into the mind of a business tycoon’s heir. By the end we are confused if we are in reality or another dream. Leonardo spins a top that wobbles a little seconds before the movie ends, telling us that its all real and explaining the movie.


5. Memento:

Christopher Nolan gets another of his movie into this list. Memento begins with the ending where the hero kills the villain. From then on we move back in 15 minute bursts to the past and actually understand the story as it goes back towards the beginning. To complicate things more, there is also a flashback sequence that runs parallel to the main movie. You only understand everything at the end, if at all.


4. Fight Club:

Fight club starts out as an interesting story about a guy who’s sick of his mind numbing materialistic life. He meets someone completely different from himself and his life changes dramatically as he learns to live. Then things start going crazy as Tyler forms an army around the members of the fight club to bring anarchy in the world. In the end we find that Tyler is the alternate ego of the Edward Norton. Things make sense only at the end of this movie.

Fight Club

3. The Sixth Sense:

The Village wasn’t such a big success for Shyamalan but The Sixth Sense was a big hit and it was a very well made movie. We follow a child psychiatrist who is trying to treat a little boy who claims he can see ghosts. The movie moves on slowly and gets you asking what’s really happening in Bruce Willis’ life. Only in the end we realize that he too is a ghost and the child can talk to him because he can see ghosts.

The Sixth Sense

2. Se7en:

Se7en is a superb thriller with brilliant performances by Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. The first big shock that you’ll receive is halfway through the movie when you realize that the movie also has Kevin Spacey. The ending is also very revealing as you realize that Kevin Spacey has planned to be the seventh victim of his masterpiece. In the end the apparent bad guy wins and completes his masterpiece.


1. Shutter Island:

If there is any movie that won’t make sense till the end, it has to Shutter Island. This is clearly a masterpiece by Martin Scorsese. We follow Leonardo who’s a United States Marshal, working on the case of a missing patient at a mental hospital located on Shutter Island. Strange things happen as we get deeper into the mystery of Leonardo’s identity. Only in the end we realize that he himself is a mental patient at the hospital. To truly enjoy the movie watch it two times. It’s a completely different experience when you know what’s happening.

Shutter Island

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