Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

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4:21 am 28 Jan, 2013

The law of sociology dealing with the exaltation of students catapulting them to the status of demigods apply to the professors as well: the more controversial, the better. The applicability of this theorem is magnified in a place like IIT where the ratio of smart souls per unit area is higher than in most places and there is little to bemuse their enigmatic minds other than some prohibited content on their college LANs. So, here is a list of top 10 professors at IIT Delhi compiled by an IITian in accordance with the veritable popularity meter among the students. This list may not go down well with the teachers who think too highly of themselves and I suggest reading the title before going through the list.


10. Amitabha Bagchi:

Bagchi takes introductory classes of B.Tech students and is himself an alumnus of this institution. He makes it to the coveted list owing to his refreshing and lucid teaching style combined with an amazingly developed portion of the brain responsible for the ever elusive sense of humour. This combined with his no attendance policy makes him a definite entry in this extremely competitive list. Rumour has it that he can exhort students to indulge in the depths of the field and genuinely create interest in the subject.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

9. Thyagarajan:

The only other profession which could have absorbed this guy other than teaching was Thai kickboxing given his quintessential effervescence and inexhaustible reserve of energy. His passion for fundamental physics combined with little nuggets of wisdom that comes at his age is a fine combination to prevent unsuspecting students from dozing off in the morning lectures during the dreaded winter season of Delhi.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

8. Multani Angelie:

A short crop and crisp talk symbolizes this professor at the department of humanities who undertakes a refreshing introductory literature course to provide some much needed reprieve from the technical courses at IIT. She can exhume the most morbid remains of creativity left in geeks and prevent their monotonous stream of consciousness from further debasement.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

7. SKG 1:

A firm believer of the practice of laissez-faire, he is known for his unrelenting tone and his inability to return corrected papers on time. Many at IIT can attest to the fact that he has never corrected the Major examination paper and final grades are awarded by running a random number generator program making it better for those students who have never managed to get more than a D through hard work.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

6. SKG 2:

Nothing instils greater fear in the minds of the followers of Lord Shiva than this dreaded acronym. In his capacity as Dean, he has captured many in their state of inebriation during his regular raids of hostels for unsolicited liquor consumption in institute premises. Some have wondered where the huge supply of decommissioned alcohol has been kept which in turn has provided life to a variety of anecdotes subverting the Jataka tales.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

5. Chariyar:

He undertakes the popular Rural Development course which ironically has nothing to do with rural development at all and relies more upon value education, or rather the lack of it, in Indian society at large. Visiting dignitaries that he summons during his lectures and a fine grade awarded at the end for doing…well…absolutely nothing, makes him a very popular choice amongst students. He is also credited with making early forays into the omnipresent politics at IIT Delhi.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

4. Shashi Mathur:

This prolific professor from the Department of Civil Engineering served as the dean before the advent of SKG, the second. Known for his candid style and cosmopolitan outlook, Mathur teaches a very informative hydraulics course. He is perhaps the last remaining species of the teachers who are respected for their teaching skills and not for their attendance policy.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

3. Aditya Mittal:

Arguably the most well-known face at IIT this professor from the School of Biological Sciences could give chain smokers a run for their money if a tobacco rolling contest was to be held at IIT-D. Having served as the BRCA president and championed the politics of the institute, Mittal’s style of firebrand oratory have found many takers. He is also adored for his no-nonsense approach and profound efforts in not allowing students taking his course to fail.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

2. Deepti Gupta:

The ideological as well as officio heir to Adi Mittal’s throne, this professor has burst through the rankings in a very short time owing to her controversial decisions with respect to the political restructuring that she has undertaken under her reign. Students have cast doubts on her lineage; some link her to Ghengiz Khan, the dreaded Mongol invader, while others think she is direct descendant of the World War II demon known as Hitler.

Top 10 Professors at IIT Delhi (facetiously)

1. Atul Vyas:

He is a professor but he does not take classes. He is, instead, in charge of the pandemonium IIT-D students know as the UG Section which is responsible for petty red-tapism that every student has to suffer during their stay here. His helpful overtures have enabled him to win the hearts of one and all especially when registrations are on.

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