10 Most Inconceivable Prison Escapes Of All Time

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10:07 pm 23 Nov, 2010

There are a plethora of criminals in this world who dogged security personnel and moved back into the free world. They were, however, lagged in some of the most secure prisons of the world, but brick and bars were not enough to prevent their presumptuously daring attitude. Scroll down to know about such cases in which captives penned their acts in the file of most inconceivable prison escapes of all time.


1. The Maze prison escape

Generally called as the Great Escape between Irish Republicans, it is one of the most notorious prisons escapes in the history of Great Britain. The undercover planning of Irish Republican Army prisoners, convicted for murder and inducing explosions, took place shortly after 2.30 pm on September 25, 1983. After making the officers hostage at gunpoint, 38 prisoners from the H-block of the prison managed to escape, scoffing one of the most escape-proof jail in Europe.


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2. Alcatraz prison escape

This deadly and extremely complex escape was conceptualized by a Kentucky bank robber, Bernie Coy. On May 2, 1946, Coy and five other prisoners knocked out a guard and captured the gun gallery of the prison. Unfortunately, they missed the key of the steel vault of the door and later three prisoners including Coy were killed by security personnel in a direct clash. This attempt of escape claimed the lives of several guards and damaged the cell blocks massively.


Top 10 prison escapes


3. Dillinger’s county jail escape

I will be the meanest bastard you ever saw when I get out of here. This is what the bank robber and notorious American gangster, John Dillinger articulated when he was being admitted to the prison. Confined in the Allen County jail for robbing a bank in Bluffton, Ohio, this ill-famed criminal managed to escape with the help of his friends who were impersonating as Indiana State Police Officers. His bluster and daring act ended on July 22, 1934, when he was shot by cops while fleeing from a theater in Illinois.


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4. Escape of James Nicholas “Nick” Rowe

An officer of the United States Army, Rowe was caught on October 29, 1963, by the Viet Cong elements during the Vietnam War, along with Captain Humberto and Sergeant Pitzer. During the 62 months of his imprisonment, he made several unsuccessful attempts to escape with his fellow injured POWs but eventually he flew away from the high-security camp of U Minh Forest on 31 December 1968 and was later picked up by the helicopter of U.S. Army.


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5. Dieter Dengler’s prison escape

German-born American Navy Pilot Dengler was caught on February 1, 1966, by Pathet Lao troops after surviving his disintegrated flight in Laos. Accompanied by six other prisoners, the group of POWs slipped out the weapons of guards and escaped after splitting into three groups. Dengler disappeared with an American Air Force helicopter pilot, Duane W. Martin, who was later killed by local villagers. Eventually, after the run of 23 days, Dengler was rescued by the U.S. Air Force Skyraiders.


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6. Slawomir Rawciz

The dauntless Polish Army Lieutenant, Rawciz walked over 6500 km after escaping from Soviet troops. After the German-Soviet invasion of Poland, he was confined in the Siberian Gulag camp. In the book, “The Long Walk”, he claimed that after escaping along with six other soldiers in 1941, he walked a long distance through the Gobi desert, Tibet and Himalayas before reaching India in 1942.


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7. Billy Hayes

The inspiring chap of Alan Parker’s movie “Midnight Express”, this American student was grabbed in Turkey while smuggling hashish. Convicted for drug smuggling crackdown, he was sentenced to 50 months in a prison in Turkey. After realizing that he will be penalized with a life sentence, he somehow escaped with a rowboat from an island prison to Greece in 1975, making the entire act one of the most sensational cases of prison escape.


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8. Pascal Payet

Notorious for escaping three times using helicopters, this French criminal eluded from the Luynes Prison in 2001 after hijacking a private chopper. After his first daredevil act, this notorious criminal made an international sensation after escaping from Grasse prison in south-east France in 2007, when his four masked fellow workers rescued him with a hijacked helicopter.


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9. The Texas Seven

A group of seven notorious Texas state prisoners escaped from the John Connally unit, South Texas on 13 December 2000. Led by George Rivas, a graduate of the University of Texas, this group applied several well-planned ploys and finally escaped from the maintenance area of the prison.


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10. The great escape of Stalag Luft III

This Airforce servicemen prison of Germany, witnessed the greatest escape of human history in 1944 when Squadron Leader Roger Bushell and the fellow soldiers/prisoners ran away by digging the tunnels, “Tom”, “Dick” and “Harry”. These tunnels were 9 meters deep and 2 feet wide and also far away from the reach of perimeter microphones.


Top 10 prison escapes

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