Top 10 Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

8:04 am 26 Apr, 2013

Do you believe in prophecies? Do you believe that a person can foresee the future and go on to making accurate predictions about people and events? History has bore witness to many soothsayers and astrologers who have managed to make exact prognostications. If you still don’t believe than read below to find out about the top 10 astonishingly ballsy predictions that even the most up-to-date Kundli software can’t.


10. AIMA prophecy:

AIMA prophecy was a forecast made during the reign of the Byzantine emperor, Manuel I Comnenus about the initial letters of the names of the emperors of the Comnenus dynasty. It was said that the initial letter would spell aima (αιμα), the Greek word for blood. The successors were Alexius I (A, alpha), Ioannes II (I, iota) and then Manuel I (M, mu). The succession of Manuel I to the throne being the fourth son of Ioannes proved this prophecy to be true. Manuel I was followed by Alexius II.

AIMA prophecy - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

9. John Elfreth Watkins and his century old list:

John Elfreth Watkins was an American civil engineer who at the start of the 20th century published a list of the changes that in his view would occur in a hundred years from 1900. His predictions included references to things that we in the present day know as digital colour photography, mobile phones, pre-cooked meals, television and express trains reaching upto 150mph. How he possibly imagined or anticipated these is a mystery unsolved.

John Elfreth Watkins - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

8. Hadrian, the emperor to be:

It was predicted by Aelius Hadrianus Marullinus, a fortune-teller, that Hadrian, the adopted son of Trajan, would be the Emperor of Rome. Aelius Hadrianus Marullinus was Hadrian’s grandfather and his prophecy was also repeated by another astrologer after Hadrian’s adoption by the Roman Emperor Trajan. He went on to become an emperor who consolidated the Roman Empire and re-built the Pantheon and constructed the Temple of Venus and Roma. Can any Kundli software predict this?

Hadrian, the emperor to be - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

7. Sep 11, 2001 & Nostradamus:

Nostradamus was a French oracle who published collections of prophecies which have gone to become incredibly famous. One of those is a quatrain that forecast the 9/11 terror attacks in New York. What happened has been seen by everyone but the surprising part is that this could be one of the predictions ever as foreseeing skyscrapers, jumbo jets and a city like New York in the 16th century couldn’t have been an easy task.

Nostradamus - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

6. Tecumseh & the great earthquake:

Tecumseh, an iconic folk hero in American, Aboriginal and Canadian history, was a Native American leader of the Shawnee. Legend has it that he has given a speech at Tuckabatchee, a Creek settlement in Alabama, where he had predicted the December 16, 1811 earthquake. And true to his word on that very date a massive earthquake quake centered in New Madrid Missouri rocked the United States causing widespread damages.

Tecumseh - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

5. Defeat of Napoleon III:

When the French Emperor Napoleon III decided to go to war against Prussia, his end was predicted by a Persian named Bahá’u’llá who was revered by the followers of Bahá’í faith. True to the prophecy Napoleon III was defeated and captured at the Battle of Sedan in September 1870. It was only a matter of time and Paris, too, fell after a five-month siege ending Napoleon III’s reign.

Defeat of Napoleon III - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

4. World War II:

Three fortune-tellers of Our Lady of Fátima in the year 1917 foretold the Second World War. They declared that it was Virgin Mary’s prophecy that there would be a great sign in the sky which would precede a second great war. True to it on January 25th 1938, the aurora borealis appeared all over the northern hemisphere covering all of Europe and extending as far south as North Africa, Bermuda and California. A month from that night Germany seized Austria unlawfully and triggered the World War II.

World War II - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

3. Calanus of India and the death of Alexander the Great:

Kalanos or Calanus was a Hindu rishi (hermit) who accompanied Alexander the Great to Persis in Greece. He died at the age of 73 by self-immolation and had correctly predicted the place of death of Alexander the Great. Legend has it that his last words to Alexander were: “We shall meet in Babylon”, the place where the great king of Macedon would die. It is strange as at the time of his death Alexander had no plans of visiting Babylon.

Calanus of India - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

2. Oomoto prophecies:

Oomoto prophecies were made by members of Japanese religious group Oomoto. Onisaburō Deguchi, a prophet, predicted that Japan would fight a war in the year 1931 as evidenced by the Manchurian Incident. He also went on to predict the complete course of the Pacific Theater also mentioning that Japan would be bombed to rubble by America in air raids and eventually occupied.

Oomoto prophecies - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software

1. Julius Caesar & Ides of March:

Ides of March is the day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to March 15. The Ides of March is the date made famous in history because Julius Caesar was stabbed to death in 44 BC on this day. His death was foretold by a seer named Spurinna. According to the soothsayer Caesar’s death would come no later than the Ides of March. But Caesar scoffed at the prophecy; however, as history bore witness, this was proven true. No Kundli software can so accurately foretell the death of an emperor.

Julius Caesar & Ides of March - Predictions That Show Middle-finger to Kundli Software


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